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As we approach the holidays, many people start to buy gifts for family and friends. We go out at the crack of dawn to hit up all of the sales for Black Friday; Thanksgiving and Christmas deals galore.  This year, as most years, I always feel heavy hearted for the families that can’t spend their savings for their children because they just used their last dollar to buy tonight’s meal.  My heart hurts for the man/woman who fell on hard times and has lost everything; the veteran that came home from Iraq/Afghanistan/Desert Storm/Vietnam and lost everything because they were diagnosed with PTSD or worse, maybe lost body parts. Some of these people have no hope for a better tomorrow; some of these people don’t have the luxury or right mind to know that all things are temporary… whether they end in better circumstances or whether they end in death… it will end.  A lot of these people only want something minimal, like a warm blanket to sleep outside or ONE decent meal that day.

We have “first world” problems here in the US; and I just wish more people would take time out to help their fellow man.  If you see a man on the street that is asking for money, give him a lil something! Does it need to be enough to help him survive for the rest of his life? NO… And if he goes to buy liquor, SO WHAT?! It’s cheap and it keeps you warm, while you sleep outside at night in November!  If you don’t know the struggles of a person, you shouldn’t judge. We’ve all found ourselves in low places in life before, and just hope that the people around us will understand and support us. We don’t have to be blood related to empathize with another human being… just look inside your heart and ask yourself… “If I (a close family member or friend) were in this situation, would I appreciate the help?”  It’s not hard to be nice, and it’s not hard to be generous… you just do it from the heart.  Anyone who works hard for their money is nothing but one bad day away from being homeless out on the street… that’s all it takes!

Truthfully, this shouldn’t be a one time a year thing… should be something you do when you feel compelled to help or when you see someone/anyone in need that you’re willing to help.

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6 thoughts on “Holiday Heart

  1. <3 it… I use to be one of those people who didn't give or maybe judged when a homeless person came to tap on my window for money but not anymore. For the last few years I have been picking a child off the angel tree or just doing random things trying to help make someone elses christmas. I'm just thankful to be able to put a smile on another person's face.

    Great post ..

  2. I want to piggyback off of what Danica said. I also would look at homeless people as not being my problem. If I did give it had to be food or exactly what they need. This actually changed for me because of my co worker. I saw him just giving a dollar or 2 out almost everyday. So one day I asked, “Aren’t you worried about what they are going to do with that money?” He responded, “No God knows my heart. I am sowing a seed. I am giving with the intentions that this man is going to do with the money what he said he would do. I am done with it. Plus if it makes his day for him to go and buy alcohol or a pack of smokes with the money then, hey I am fine with that as well.” It really mad me think about it. He is rightwhat is it going to hurt me to give the spare change in my pocket honestly I am not going to spend it anyways. Now if I do not have any change I am not going to feel obligated to do anything but go and buy them some food if they need to eat. Please give to everyone that needs it. Open up your hearts people most homeless people have mental issues. They could not help themselves even if they wanted to.

  3. I love it. I am glad that I had a positive effect on someomes thoughts. All seriousness I know homeless people personally that grew up in nice homes and but something happen to them in there life where they do not have all there marbles so to speak. A lot of these people are like nomads and it does not matter they will never be able to change there state of mind. So help these people out. Will it hurt you to give 2 dollars if so then I am not talking to you but most of us can spare a coupld of dollars. Great post. Now you know better do better.

  4. I think it’s good to give every once in a while. However, in big cities hat could turn in to an issue. Say New York for example you may literally get asked for money 10 times a day, everyday. You may give and then people are attracted to you and the path you go to lunch, to and from work. Not to be cynical but you never know what’s on peoples mind….and you just trying to bf nice.

    1. That is why you give what you can. It is not rocket science. I think you are thinking way to hard. If I do not have money then I tell them I do not have money. You should never feel obligated to give money. Do what you can.

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