Hello Sweetheart!

Quite frankly this is hilarious. All though I believe this young lady was being sarcastic. I’m sure the fellas and ladies out there have had their fair share of the creeper personalities.  Well I  just want to divulge some (5) random relationship tips for ya!


  1. Don’t look through your boyfriend/girlfriends phone without their consent or permission. If you feel you need to do this, you should not be in the relationship.
  2. Ladies, after the first couple (2) times that you brought up marriage, if we did not reply with the affirmative that we were/would “strongly consider it” one day (with you)…. then you are mostly likely not the one and will never be.

-Also remember “anything”said right before or after “physical occurrence” does not count.

3. If a guy that you truly want to be with, tells you…Baby, I need you to do THIS so THAT (what you want) will happen. He most likely is telling the truth. Stop asking the same question four different ways. The Gentleman does not use ultimatums or decision points because we are trying to manipulate the situation (we leave that to women). We state them because they are serious “cause and effect” issues.

4. Don’t meet guys/girls in the club; the relationship is doomed from the start. I don’t care if Jessica met her fiancé at ultralounge!

5. Really you looking through emails…..please see number 1.


Jerome Goddard



3 thoughts on “Hello Sweetheart!

  1. Preach Preach. The think that I can not get past is why do you look though the phone if you find something you are not going to leave you are just going to be upset. I do not get it at all. I guess that is why I am a guy. Why even look if it is not in your face anyways.

  2. First off. If you do not have anything to hide then why are you tripping if I go through your phone. To me you are saying that you have something to hide if I can not go through you phone. Let me look through it your emails and anything that I want to look through. You can look through my phone I have nothing to hide at all. Men!

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