Good Man


What is a good man to you? A good man is God fearing. He is a man that stands up for what is right no matter if he has to stand up alone. A good man is kind and has a nice spirit. A good man treats all women with respect. A good man is someone that takes care of his family and leads from the front and not the back. Good man is unselfish and gives to the needy and the poor.

Do you know a good man? I am pretty sure that you know plenty of them. They are all around you. They are the guys you past and the grocery store, or maybe the man that you see volunteering with youth. Words are powerful; if you say there are no good men then you will never see the good in any man. As a good man I want to help bring back the faith that we still exist. Not only do I want to show we exist I want to show that we are taking back our communities and the hearts of our women and children.

I want to bring back love, trust, and honesty. Nothing happens over night. I hope that everyone continues to follow me on this journey. Stop the negative thinking and think positive. Don’t give up or lose faith. We out here and we are growing by the numbers. I believe there is a God and if you pray for a good man he will come. Just be mindful to receive him.

I think I just gave you the definition of a Gentleman which is why I came up with the site name Gentleman’s Counsel. We want to change the thinking of the world. But if we can change the thinking in a few people we will settle for that to!

Remember to Keep It GC,

Counselor Adrian

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