Gentleman Spotlight

I want to talk about someone that is near and dear to my heart, my brother. Kenneth Taylor Sr. is my not just any brother but my blood brother and he is a true gentleman. I figured I could at least talk about someone I felt was a great man. It is funny how things happen. My brother told me that he was envious of me but the truth is I am envious of you. You have three beautiful children that I have seen you raise from birth. You have always been a stand-up guy, even if you had to stand alone. You have always been a hard worker. I never have seen anything different from you. When I was 15 years old my brother took me in and let me live with him. At the time he was 21, and married with 2 kids. I know it was hard for him to let me come into his home, adding another mouth to feed; but he did not complain and because I am his little brother he took on the challenge.

My brother attends Forest Heights Missionary Baptist Church, where he does a lot of work with the youth ministry. My brother is also a single father, raising 3 children; two girls and a boy: Alexus, Kiera, and Kenneth Jr. There are not enough stand-up guys like you. I want everyone to know that my brother is a not just a good man but he is a great man. I look up to you big bro. So just like you support me and everything that I do, I support you. People need to know where I get it from.
Remember to Keep It GC,
Adrian Counselor

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  1. Dope post and shout out of your brother. I think we should all take a second to thank the ones that we love…wherever they may be

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