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Adrian Taylor is a young man from Gulfport, Mississippi, who is no stranger to the set-backs of the deep southern struggle of racism and inequality. Although Mr. Taylor is a young man, he has experienced segregation from a young age where blacks and whites voluntarily and involuntarily lived separately. The hostility that we read and hear about in the history books is a memorable reality for Mr. Taylor; in the 1990’s blacks were still called the “N” word and not treated as respectable Americans in Gulfport. Mr. Taylor’s paternal history isn’t much different than many; he was victim to an inconsistent father which in retrospect helped to become a man quickly but unfortunately caused him to grow up faster than he deserved.

After graduating high school, in 2001, Adrian enlisted in the United States Air Force and learned a great deal about leadership and was exposed to diversity he hadn’t known before. During and following Adrian’s 6 year career in the Air Force, he attended Troy University where he received a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Resource Management and a Master’s of Science degree in Leadership and Organization Effectiveness.

In addition to higher learning accomplishments, Adrian achieves to be a great community leader as well. He is currently involved in aiding the elderly and disadvantaged members of his local community volunteering with Meals-on-Wheels, coaching young boys in youth football and baseball while also making time to mentor young men and women between the ages of 13-18. Adrian doesn’t stop at the youth, he inspires and discusses real life issues with other like-minded and advice seeking adults on his blog Gentleman’s Counsel. On his GC website, the main mission is to encourage and inspire young men and women to strive for, and achieve, excellence in every aspect of life. He reaches these individuals through a series of written topics, round table discussions, and community enhancement projects that promote personal and professional growth, leadership, and infuse ideas surrounding new age values with traditional values.

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Nichelle Stanley

Hi, I’m from DC, enlisted in the US Air Force at 18 years of age. I enjoy helping people and making them smile. My family and my friends mean the world to me, and I would do anything for them. My family extends past my blood relatives, into the people I’ve built bonds and trust with. I won’t be contributing much writing, but more so working behind the scenes in support of this awesome movement.

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