About Us

Thought provoking, inquisitive, yet inspiring, you have reached “The Gentleman’s Counsel and Fitness”

The Gentleman’s Counsel and Fitness mission is to encourage and inspire young men and women to strive for and achieve excellence
in every aspect of life through a series of written topics, round table discussions, and community enhancement projects that promote personal and
professional growth, fitness, leadership, and infusion of new age society with traditional values.

The GC has brought to light different topics and scenarios that people go through in everyday life.  Some view these topic as mental and physical growth. However for others, it’s a source of therapy. The parties who partake in these conversations take something with them; tidbits that allow them to continue to converse, whether it’s with a spouse, significant other, co-worker or an attractive socialite. The GC wants to get you in the know, we developed an online platform so you could join the conversation. Feel free to share your comments and stories freely.

The GC is here for people to see a perspective on different thoughts and ideas of different topics that they feel are important, but may be difficult to talk about in normal conversation (fitness and everyday life).  Whether you find this site entertaining or helpful we promise you will want to come back for more.

When viewing, commenting, or using any information off this site remember people are entitled to their personal opinion. Individuals have different backgrounds and experiences; keep an open mind and an open heart to ensure the best flow of communication.

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