Foundation is Key

As a man I find myself struggling with my romantic relationships.  I understand that times are different, but I still find myself wanting to be the man in my relationship as the men I grew up respecting and admiring in their relationships.  It is hard being the man in your relationship with women of today, so you think.

I will never stop opening doors, holding hands, or protecting the woman that I am dating no matter how independent she claims to be.  I don’t know how to be any other way.  There will be a time when a woman will expect you to be a man and you will find yourself struggling to be the man she wants you to be.  It is like a mind game do I lead or do I not.  You lead until it is time for you to let her lead.  It’s just that plain and simple.

Listen as a man I am here to tell you that if your woman believes in you, then she will listen and follow you.  We were put on this earth to raise and lead our families in the direction they’re supposed to go.  This concept has gotten away from us, because there are so many women raising their children without the fathers in the household.  Women are not seeing a strong male figure on a day to day basis.  They do see that strong mother figure taking care of them and doing everything that they can to make sure that they were able to have a good life.

Men we have to stop leading from the back.  When it comes to dating we hold the key.  A woman is going to follow you if you are handling your business and being the leader you supposed to be.  If she does not then it is time to let her go and find that guy she is willing to follow.  Take responsibility for your relationships, because when it comes down to it, if it does not work out it is going to be your fault.  You are the CEO.  Act like it.  If it is successful you are going to get the praise as being a great man.  If it doesn’t you are a slimball.

Start by setting the foundation that you want.   Be upfront with what you want and what you are looking for.  Stop waiting for the woman to set the foundation.  As men we will hold back our feeling of how we feel about our woman because we do not want it to make us look weak.  That is your first mistake right there.  Put yourself out there.  Real man make the blueprint for their relationship.


Remember to keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

10 thoughts on “Foundation is Key

  1. Beautifully stated!!!! As I’ve said before though, women need to do the same! You want a real man, let him be that… step and be a real woman! The key word in this whole piece is WOMAN!!!! Men have to be more selective in their ladies/girls/women… as visual creatures by nature, you have to find other attractions as well. Just be selective! Also, be careful how you lure her in fellas… if you show her your wallet first, and she likes what she see or knows she can get what she wants, lots of women will keep looking for that. If you show her who you are, she’ll crave for more of that if she likes what she learns…

  2. I am starting to get the hint that you want me to write something for women as well on the same lines. I will keep that in mind but as of right now the guys need to understand where they go wrong and start stepping up to the plate. It all starts with us. We have been playing the background since the last 90’s. It is time for us to take our positions back as men. I am not against a woman of power by no means but I do have expectations for men.

  3. I really think that you need to get on these women. They need to know to let a man lead and stop stepping all over his toes. Woman think that having an opinion means that they need to always talk and go back and forth. Be quiet and listen sometimes and you might learn something. Always screaming about I want a good man but you don’t know how to treat him.

  4. Man I am going to try this out and when I get dumped by the independent woman I will be back on here leaving you another comment buddy. Women are so far gone this will never work.

  5. Timeless you got me rolling over here. You can not worry about that man be strong. Set the foundation! If you get dumped she is not the one anyways.

  6. I like the fact that this article calls on men to step up and take charge. A woman is only going to lead if a man allows her to and any real man is not going to allow a woman to lead him. Likewise, a real woman is going to recognize that in her man and all

  7. I like the fact that this article calls on men to step up and take charge. A woman is only going to lead if a man allows her to and any real man is not going to allow a woman to lead him. Likewise, a real woman is going to recognize that in her man and follow his lead. You are absolutely right that a man has to be the CEO of a relationship and as a CEO does for his company, a man should set the vision and the direction for his relationship.

    As u stated in the article, many women step up to lead for their families and/or relationships because they HAVE to, not because they WANT to. Also, because that is what they have only seen examples of women taking the lead growing up. Likewise, a lot of men do not know how to lead a family/relationship because they have not seen many positive examples growing up.

    In order for this to work, two things need to happen in a relationship – CONFIDENCE and TRUST. A man needs to be confident in his skills and abilities as a leader, and a woman needs to trust that this man is going to lead her in the right direction. CONFIDENCE breeds TRUST and TRUST breeds CONFIDENCE.

  8. Just respect one another’s values, quit with this B.S. about if the man or women leads. The person that is most qualified leads period. Society is sickening!!

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