My First Love


There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you. You have always held me down no matter what I was going through. Even when no one else wanted me you stayed true. Some days I really miss you and wished we were together again. You taught me so much about myself. You gave me confidence in myself. You are the reason I walk and talk the way that I do. When no one understands me you seem to know just what I am trying to say.

I know we have not been together for 10 years now but every time I am in your presence my heart still skips a beat. I always tend to think about the old times and start to reminisce over our great times. I do not care what people say, no matter if we never get back together, you will always be my first love. Others can hate on the love I have for you but I do not care. In my heart there is nothing better.

You were with me through racial profiling, poverty, ups, downs, ignorant thinking, self-doubt, and all of my experiences. I love you for that. Ask anyone and they will tell you that there will always be love for you in my heart. You have always been true to me. From that I will scream your name and let the world know, no matter how bad people talk about you. Mississippi I will always love you! If I can make it with you I can make it with anyone!

Remember to Keep It GC,

4 thoughts on “My First Love

  1. In my opinion, love has different degrees. Many people say that their first love is hard to forget.
    But for me, I believe that past love has taught me to love better. In many cases, we often compare our emotional feelings/attachment in our present relationships with the way we feel about our “First Love”. I have come to realize that I have just met my first love after 40 years on this earth; he is the only one that I have felt a real connection and true love with.

    If music be the food of love.. play on! -William Shakespeare -Romeo and Juliet.

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