Insurance to Carry a Firearm?????

WOW… So, I was listening to a radio station and I could not believe how many people were asking for gun insurance. I do not think that this is the answer to gun violence. Most of our gun issues come from unregistered guns. I understand that something needs to be done but this is not the answer. What are you insuring? This is not insurance in my eyes but a tax that you are paying monthly to carry a gun. This is crazy!

I have friends that hunt for their winter meats so they do not have to buy any at all. Should hunters pay for insurance? How about bulking up the laws for unregistered guns? In most states, being caught with an unregistered gun is a misdemeanor unless you have prior offenses. Do you see the problem with this?

I think there should be a change in the firearm laws but making insurance companies rich is not the answer. How are these guns getting on the street? Should people be able to carry an assault rifle?

It is time for a change and I have been saying this for a long time and all over this site. How do we move forward to achieve this success?

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Counselor Dave

2 thoughts on “Insurance to Carry a Firearm?????

  1. The thing is most of the shootings are not mass shootings. It is the people that are getting the illegal guns and killing people on a day to day basis. Insurance is the dumbest thing ever why would they make this mandatory?

  2. Guns are stupid. I do not understand why we have so many in the US and why we do not have more control of them. People need to be educated on them. I hope that we get it together.

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