Father’s Day

20140113-145636.jpgHere comes Father’s day. The day intended to acknowledge fathers and father like figures in a child’s life. Not the day to acknowledge poor decision making by in your love life. Now, some women have been dealt a bad hand of cards. They have helped in the selection process of dating/sleeping with and or marrying someone who didn’t do his part in raising a child he helped create. Some women have the unfortunate story of having the father of their child absent because he is either dead; she doesn’t know who he is or he is incarcerated. I will even extend this to rape victims as well; those things are horrific. Let’s be perfectly clear I am not saying bad things don’t happen to good people but you mean to tell me the entire time your child was growing up there was absolutely no man around that could have provided some form of fatherly advice, counsel or love? Did you miss out on something great for you and your child(ren) because you let society tell you that you can do it all? Are you a man who knows a single mother and you failed to extend that option to her with no strings attached? Guess who is adding to the problem of women celebrating Father’s day..

Here is a newsflash, you can’t do it all. I don’t care who lied to you and told you that your selfish behind deserves two holidays they lied. The most powerful person in a child’s life is that same sex parent and God forbid you tell your daughter that she can do everything on her own, she doesn’t need a man. God did not extract a rib from Adam to create a woman in order for her to do it alone. Don’t let your son grow up thinking that he will make a great man without having someone in his life to emulate. You are going to end up with a grown boy who will cause hell in his relationships because he’s been married to his mother first and he has absolutely no direction into manhood because you were being selfish.

There are many cases for each scenario and I’m sure someone will argue with me. Okay let’s just settle it right now; it’s still wrong. Independent women learn to make the most of what she has while building bigger and better. So why not utilize the men in your life (pastor, homeboy, man-bestie, bro, bruh, step dad, real dad etc) and allow them to provide your sons with tools to succeed and that will give your daughter with an example of what she is looking for when her time comes…or do you want her to be lonely and selfish like you? After all, are you really fraternizing with people who lack the moral compass to guide a young mind? This would again bring me to my point of you being reckless and providing a poor example to your children. Men don’t get many holidays. No one really comes to the wedding to see the groom and typically when a baby is born, they automatically assume the man is good. Let these men have this one day, geez.

Country Girl.

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