FAST FORWARD [Getting to Happy]

Sometimes we wish we could just fast forward past all of life’s hurdles and hardships and get directly to the fun times – happiness, joy, and laughter.  We want so bad to get to a happy place that it seems as if it will take forever to get there. In the meantime, it is easy to get discouraged and to let the bad times deter us from getting to that happy place.

 It is called a road to happiness for a reason. We all have to go through life’s journey to arrive at our ideal destination. There will be twists and turns, speed bumps, potholes, sunshine, rain, rainbows, peaks and valleys on the way but eventually we will arrive at that place and all of our trials and tribulations will be over. I am a woman of faith and I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and in the end it will all make sense and it will all be worth it.

 If you know someone who is going  through something, be a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. If you are out there and you are going through dark times just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is sunshine after rain. With Him on your side, there is no obstacle that you can’t overcome. If He brought you to it, He will bring you through it. Your Happy Days and blessings are not too far away.

Stay prayed up and as always Keep it GC,

Counselor Alice

19 thoughts on “FAST FORWARD [Getting to Happy]

  1. A great lesson in patience and perserverance. Bad times don’t last forever and they make us appreciate the good times even more.

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  3. The ultimate high is having a life of love family and friendships. When you have those everything else seems to work itself out. Sometimes we get so caught up in trivial things that we forget about the real things in life. There will also be times where it is just you and God and no one else make sure to keep moving no matter what is going on in your life.

  4. Getting back to happy is on you. Happiness is an emotion. No matter what happens in my life I continue to live. I really do not let it stop me from going on because life stops for no one. So if you start feeling sorry for yourself then your situation will magnify. Think positive or work harder to right the problem that you are facing. Otherwise come to peace with it and your life will start looking brighter faster. I am speaking from experience.

  5. Great article. I have been going through some things and I know I got to get back to happiness. I was dating this Asian guy and his family didn’t like me because of my race (I’m mixed, black/white). They said they thought he would be happier with someone from his culture. His family really put the pressure on. I know it was hard for him and he didnt want to leave, but it started to become hard. Im in med school and he is a very successful health insurance salesman. With his work, my school and his parents and older siblings not supporting the relationship, the stress began to eventually break us down. I would like to have him back, but I know it won’t work…sorry for ranting, I had to get this out.

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