So, you ‘DA BOSS’, huh? So you brush your shoulders off and the haters
fall to your feet, huh? So, I sound like ‘Juvenile’, huh? Really?
Maybe they hate because you haven’t even taken the time to share just
a smidgen of life’s lessons learned. While you are out being a Paper
Chaser, help at least one other person run the race too! People thrive
for information; how much have you shared today or even this week?

When you can step outside of the titles, the fame, the glory, and the
admiration attached to you, you are able to recognize that it was the
dirty, the grind, and the grit that made you who you are. Just be
certain to remain humble because in THIS economy, ANYTHING can happen
and things can change so fast. You never know if the person you may
look down your nose to, may be the very person that you need to help
you get up when you have fallen. You can never forget ‘humble
beginnings’ if you continue to be humble in your lifetime!


I was walking through the hall today and a colleague stopped to speak
to me and said ‘Hey Dr. Armmmstronggg’! I turned around and said,
“Hi! But you don’t have to call me that!” He said, “I don’t have to,
but I want to!” I said, “Okay, you can call me doctor or whatever you
want!” He smiled. Before I departed he said, “I really can’t believe
it! You are a doctor and you still don’t want anyone to call you
that?!?!” I said, “They can call me, “Doctor”, but it doesn’t seem
right outside of a professional setting. Yeah, we are at work, but we
aren’t in meetings or anything. Plus, most people have known me
before the degree, so just call me ‘Janice’. He said, “Okay, whatever
you say, Doc! You are just being yourself I see…”… he chuckled and
we departed.

I have found that others are more proud of me than I am of myself. I
have achieved my goal and I earned the title, but I have been ‘Janice’
since I was born and it is ‘Janice’ who loves to help people. It is
‘Janice’ who desires to change lives. It has ALWAYS been ‘Janice’ to
love ‘people’. It is ‘Dr. Jai’ that allows the opportunity to be able
to reach more people to help, to change and to love!

“Discover what you LiHK (like); Become who you love” (… and desire
to love someone else too! 🙂 )

[Feel free to visit my website at www.lihkleaders.com; click the
‘book’ tab for more information about “From the Street to the
Executive Suite: Remixing Street Smarts and Life Lessons into
Leadership Success”]

Dr. Janice (‘Jai’) Armstrong
CEO, LiHK Consulting, LLC

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