A Man’s Disposition

Repetition of your eclectic disposition that I yearn for as you gather my attention
The sway of your drive, the strength in your eyes, your demeanor, man I can’t believe, I’m hypnotized
Never once fathomed, the reality of your stability, the essence of your masculinity, I can’t even lie
Vibrant, ecstatic all at the same time, the epitome of a man, I shall never seek your demise.
Understanding a man’s worth is always taken for granted, but this is my dedication to you, an appreciative candid.
Takes the swallowing of pride to stroke a man’s ego, but as a woman who is grateful, I owe you this moment.
The outlines of who you are defines how God felt, as He molded you into who you are today, a truly God sent.
The struggles, the hardships, the storms that you’ve faced; the ridicule and envy cannot be replaced
But remember who you are and where it is that you came from, the definition of man is not of many but only of some.
Born from society’s perception that you will never succeed, born from society’s perception that you are a dying breed
You’ve taken that first step to disclaim what you will not be, but yet with determination and strength, you shall supersede.
It’s who you are as a man that has rebuilt my faith, my dedication to a real man as the above states.
My oath and my pledge is, as a woman in raw form, that I will build and uplift every real man that I adore.
I vow to submit and pay much respect, as a woman of God, to balance my temperament
Towards the empowerment of real men, no woman shall be scorned because with God Sends like you, our faith shall always be restored.

Monisa Mason

2 thoughts on “A Man’s Disposition

  1. I really like this poem! As a man it makes me feel good inside that woman still value our presence in this manner. This was very well written. I hope that we see more writings like this in the future.

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