Destined for Greatness

I am destined for greatness.

I am destined to be all that I can be,

Millitary motivation, capturing the nation with my voice…… I am Poetry,

Poetry is In me.

I like to express whatever is on my mind, because my father has placed this pen in my hand,since birth &

I just held it tight,

There was nothing left to do but write

You see, I ……..

was destined for greatness

In any occasion, I grew up to be a beautiful dalmation, although

I was always spotted because of my limitations

I was ok with that, I was different

I…. My friend, was destined for greatness

Born  a Christian, from birth there was a vision of me grabbing a microphone and singing,

a vision of me walking across the stage with a diploma……. “Completing My degree”

Me getting into a Jd law program to a great university

Me, moving from a big city, to

What most may call country

A new move for me,

Own apartment, own car

Far from my parents,

But them stars in the sky

Was my parents saying Hi,

Reminiscing about me being a little girl  and how my dad told me

The stars were saying bye, just to get me out the park., because it was getting late and I still wanted to play


Switched around & grew up to being the best thing in daddys world.

Living a righteous path because of daddy words

You see,  I … destined for greatness

From a Youth Pastor, to lead singer,

Worship leader,ministering to the youth.

Speaking to them about nothing but the truth,

The purpose of my life  is only deep inside my roots,

Ancestries of ministries, ancestries of idolatries, ancestries of insecurities, ancestries of infidelity,

But all those mistakes in the past of my ancestries can only make me a better me and help me develop a new generation of peace and harmony.

I……am destined for greatness

I was placed on this earth with a purpose

I wont let the world change me.

I can change the world,

With the steps i take in my life

I was told this since I was lil girl

It was only a matter of time before I hatched out of that cocoon prematurely born..I was a butterfly, not ready to fly.

But I….am still destined for greatness.

That in my darkest moments,

God becomes my covenant

He guards me from all that comes against me.

I am his creation, used as a vessel, to preach his word, if you haven’t heard it before

I  am destined for greatness

I am Me!!

-delsy-poetic dee

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