6 thoughts on “Democrat vs Republican

  1. What are considered the poorest states. Do you think that poor states should vote for democrats…so that they can stay poor from government hand outs. All jokes aside poorer states probably vote republican because the people who are actually poorer don’t vote, or the republicans find ways to discredit the democrate vote. like tell them that there voting location is….around the corner! Republicans are crafty individuals.

    1. A lot of people tend to think that all poor people are on some type of government assistance. There are people working raising there families without any assistance. That is the problem people get so out of touch with poor people that they assume they are all looking for a handout.

      Hey I have always wondered this myself. I think people need to understand what a person is standing for and please dont let them hide behind gay rights or abortion. Make them talk about policies.

    2. When I think of the poorest states, I manly mean the southern states, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina you get my drift. Look at those states and see when the last time they went away from the red. They have some of the worst graduation rates, lowest income bracket, I could go on and on.

  2. I think it is about religion that is how you get the poor people saw in God we trust a few times and they go nuts. Talk about abortion they go nuts. They don’t care that they are paying 28% of there income and the rich average 10%. I think religion should be taken out of politics. That is just me.

  3. I think people constantly vote against their own self interest because they have an “us” versus “them” mentality. The “us” and “them” refers more so to the party lines (Democrat / Republican) than it does rich versus poor. Many poor people do not have the knowledge or resources to make informed decisions regarding many political policies so many times they simply trust and believe that what the head of their party says is always going to be in their best interest. A prime example is the medicare/medicaid/social security debate. Many of the people who for politicians that are against these forms of public aids are the very people who rely on this assistance to get them through their every day lives. It makes absolutely no sense, but sometimes its just how the cookie crumbles.

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