Dear Jane

Dear Jane (Opposite of a ‘Dear John’ letter)
You know… I’ve tried
My intentions have been known, genuine, and true
I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do
Never to you have I lied
So why am I tossed to the side?
Like shells thrown from your tide
No matter what mood you’re in, low or high
Like I’m not worthy of your space and time…
Time… after time after time…
Just know if you stay, if you stay, stuck on repeat
The last time is coming
Out of here like a record I’ll be skippin’
Through a rolodex I’ll be thumbing
“Return of the Mack” I’ll be humming
While taking my tools and pipe
To look at advertisements for plumbing
And it’s not even about that
But it’s clearly a fact that
The demise to this situation
Was foreshadowed, predictable, forthcoming…
But it was you who came to I
When the problem was with the other guy
So for you to act this way, I shouldn’t be surprised
It’s just… you said a good man is hard to find
That life isn’t a fair, but you keep getting in line
With hopes high, only to end up with cheap gifts
I’m top shelf baby! I wanted to be your prize
Your good morning, day, and night
Not an additional 4 to 9 to your 9 to 5
Look, if you haven’t noticed by now
Our frequency is not congruently designed
I’m forward, you’re rewind
And you’ve gone back so far
That our play is not mentally in present time
We would be like
Benjamin Button and Daisy or Doc and McFly
Confused if we were a bottle of wine, listen…
I’m just being real with you
Because honestly, I don’t know how to feel with you
But what I do know, is that I want to build with you
Not just chill with you
Bake with you in private settings
Not just meet at barbeques to grill with you
So what’s the deal with you?!
You know the number, call me boo
But make it quick, for I can’t make any promises
That by the time you do, that I’ll still come through
Or that if I come through that I’ll still call you boo
Or even out of the blue
On your door I’m knockin’
Just to return your boots…
Just letting you know that I’m open game
Until you leave baggage claim, Woo!
Sorry, I got distracted, caught a dime in my peripheral
I guess I’ll see ya when I see ya
I’ve got a field to view
Darian Fludd—

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