Day 10 Relationship Advice for Men

Accept her emotions – let her cry! Women cry, and sometimes we do it for no reason at all. This is something men just don’t understand, and that’s okay. You don’t have to understand, but don’t ever make her feel bad for being emotional or crying.

Most of the time, it will not be your fault she is crying, and sometimes, tears are because she is happy. I know it can be confusing for you guys to know the difference, but don’t automatically assume that if she is crying you have done something wrong. Allow her feelings, and don’t feel you have to DO anything except put your arms around her and make her feel safe and protected until the tears pass.

A woman will tend to feel safe with a man who simple allows her to feel emotions and express those outwardly with no fear of recrimination or accusation when she is emotional. Men, you don’t have to understand it, just accept that’s the way it is, and you’ll do just fine.

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5 thoughts on “Day 10 Relationship Advice for Men

  1. So on point! Many men complain that women are too emotional, but I think if they accept women’s emotions without being judgemental, a woman is more likely to explain her feelings to her man!

  2. I’m struggling at the min and could do with some help , I have been seeing this awesome lady for two months , she is very guarded as am I however a couple weeks ago she introduced me to her daughter who is 18 and we get on well , her daughter has commented on how much she likes me . Since then I have stayed over when her daughter has been there and my gf has told me how unique and special a gesture that is , we had a weekend away last weekend and my gf told me she really likes me and feels great when we are together . She is very independent and she has been seriously hurt in the past . Her son has broke her heart by moving in with his dad and rarely sees her . She works awkward shifts as a nurse and her job is very important too her . We were going along great until Saturday , she had been upset on Thursday and didn’t return my calls into Friday , I sent a fb message to her best friend asking if she had heard from her and I was concerned , turns out she was busy at work and could not respond . She is not happy I messaged her friend and has said she wants to carry on seeing me but just go out now and again but take it slow and that she thinks I want more than she can give at the moment which has angered me as she has done all the introducing to friends etc , I feel awful and have not heard from her since not sure what to do ,my head says walk away but my heart is telling me different

    1. Very interesting………. Based on what you are telling me in your comment. She is afraid that it is moving too fast and you guys need to take a step back and take it slow. It has only been two months. You need to get to know each other and let the relationship grow. If that is not what you want to do, then you have to be true to yourself and walk away. If you think she is worth it, take a step back and move at a slower pace. I hope this helps you out. Keep me posted on what happens next. Thank you for your comment.

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