Day 7 Relationship Advice for Men

Surprise her! A few days ago, the man in my life had one of our mutual friends take me out shopping to help him pick out a gift for his girlfriend, while unbeknownst to me, my man snuck in the house and lit a fire in the fireplace and spread a blanket on the floor along with a basket of champagne, cheeses, crackers, deli meats, grapes, and whipped cream.

Little did I know, my kids were in on the surprise too, because my daughter had taken my son to the drive in that night, and we had four glorious hours alone in the house having a winter picnic in front of the fire. It was a wonderful surprise for me and a very romantic and intimate evening.

Find out what the woman in your life likes and surprise her with it, but be careful to plan it well. If she has children, you might want to make sure that childcare is taken care of and you also want to be sure she has no other plans that might spoil the surprise. Taking the time to cover all her ‘excuses’ so she can truly relax and spend an evening in your charms will really increase her intimacy and romance meter where you are concerned.

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