Day 6 Relationship Advice to Men

Compliment her. Now, guys, it’s important to note here that a woman knows when you are BSing her, so don’t compliment her on something you and she both know is a bunch of hooey, but surely there is something about her you can find in any situation that you can compliment her on.

If you are going out for the night and you know she took special care to dress and prepare for the evening, be sure to tell her she looks nice. I know a lot of guys don’t notice the little things like a new hair cut or a new outfit, but if you think she looks good, tell her so, and mean it.

Tell her she’s beautiful as often as you can think to do it. She may tease you or blush and disagree with you, but I promise you, she will remember every time you tell her how beautiful she is, and she must be, or you would not be with her, now would you? Beauty comes in so many forms, and your woman should feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world – at least to you.

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