Day 5 Relationship Advice for Men

Along the lines of touching her, tip number five deals with physical intimacy – but again, without it leading to sex – but goes a bit further. Intimacy and romance are not just about flowers, poetry, love songs, and gifts… a couple should spend time together in physical situations that do not always lead to sexual relations.

Brush her hair, rub lotion on her back or her legs for her, give her a sensual (not sexual) massage, kiss her forehead or fingertips or neck.

Cuddling on the couch, “making out” with no expectations, walking hand in hand, wrapping your arm around her and holding her close at a movie, slow dancing, snuggling under a blanket in front of a fire – these are all physical intimacies that are not sexually related that make such a huge difference for the woman in your life.

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