Day 4 Relationship Advice to Men

Touch your woman! I’m not talking in a sexual or suggestive way either. One of the things that just does it for me is when my man seeks me out before he does anything else and kisses, touches, pats, strokes — something. It doesn’t take much, but when you greet her, it doesn’t matter if you have been gone for a few minutes or a few days, touch her, kiss her and hug her. Kiss her goodbye, even if you are just running to the store for a few minutes.

When she’s standing at the sink washing dishes or at the stove cooking, come up behind her and put your arms around her. Kiss her neck, stroke or brush her hair – but touch her.

However, if you take that touching and turn it into something sexually suggestive, it doesn’t count in the romance and intimacy department. The point here is not to come up behind her and hug her than hump her, but to just touch her and let her know you enjoy the physical presence of her company. The power of touch is amazing – try it, and you’ll see.

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