Day 1 of 10 Advice to Men on Love and Relationship

Flowers and candy are nice, and occasionally for a special occasion these gifts are always pleasant to receive, but when money is tight, these gifts are frivolous, and flowers die and candy is eaten – and then there is nothing left.

For most women, she truly doesn’t want you to spend a whole lot of money on her to show her you love and care about her. If she does expect you to spend your entire paycheck just to accommodate her – what are you doing with her? She obviously is only in love with your paycheck, not you!
Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t spend money on the woman you love, but intimacy and romance are most definitely NOT tied into how much money you make or spend. So tip number one is to not use money as a crutch for intimacy.

Buying her a bouquet of flowers occasionally, as I said earlier, is perfectly acceptable, but don’t expect a gift you bought with cash to bring about the type of intimacy she needs. Try picking a small bouquet of wildflowers and see how she responds compared to the expensive roses you bought at the store.

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