Change Gone Come!


Man you changed! You think you better than us. For real, we been down for years and this is how you do me. What made you holy than thou? You a Sucka! I remember when you wasn’t ……….

In 2012 we ended the year “Praying for Change”. With the commencement of the New Year, lets take a moment to talk about “Change”.  Often we hear ourselves or others make commitments, resolutions and dedications to themselves to change. However, we also may receive harsh critique to our change or perceived change. Sometimes we are even the ones, who dish out verbal jabs and challenge others “Change”.  The whole aspect of “Change” puts on the facade of a political process. Many times the friction that inherently comes with “Change” …. Can stop us in our tracks.

Lets’ make things clear “Change” is inevitable.  Change will be a constant in every ones life, wether that change is good or bad.  Even those that seemingly stayed the same will experience a world wind of “Change”. For instance, if one stays in place, refuses to make any adjustment to their life or situation, and makes a concrete effort not to “Change”, their seasons will still continue to “Change”.  Summer and Winter will come without their input. It will rain in Spring, and the leaves will change color in Fall, it’s inescapable. Let’s keep in mind; season is in reference to the environment, people, nation, political structure, family,  and technology around them.  Racism was once the accepted norm and there still are those that accept and practice the concept of racial superiority.  However, it is evident that we have taken great strides, as a human nation to “Change” and changes will continue to come.

Going forward into the New Year, I challenge you to embrace and comprehend the aspect of “Change”.  Understand why you are changing. Understand why you have decided to hold steadfast and not change. Become informed on changes that are going on around you. Understand if you or others are changing for the better or worst.  Understand that “Change” does not need to be positive or negative. Sometimes seasons just “Change”. Regardless, no matter what you do, have a true discussion with your self and/or others about “Change”.

  1. Have you experience drastic change in you life?
  2. How do you feel about change?
  3. What are some of the challenges that you have experienced in reference to “Change”?
  4. Are you continuing to challenge changes that may not need challenged?
  5. Are you moving forward and dedicated to positive “Change”?

Remember to keep it GC!


3 thoughts on “Change Gone Come!

  1. I am not big on New Years resolutions but hey I am trying my best to do the best I can with my talents it is a hard process. Very good read my friend.

  2. My boys are back at it. I am glad you guys are back. Happy New Years. People will always see people as being different when they grew into something that they might not have been a couple years prior.

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