Can You Stand to be Blessed!

Often times we as Christians always want to be blessed above what we can handle. Please understand that God is not crazy and he will not bless you above what you can handle. When it comes to the things of God you don’t get what you study for, you don’t even get what you think you deserve, you only get what you can handle and manage. So if you have been asking God to take you to a certain level in your life and you haven’t received it yet then quit praying and asking God to take you higher, just simply ask him to help you manage and master your life on your current level. Let me break it down for you! If you are already having money issues now, living from check to check, plus you are not tithing, understand that God will not bless you with money if you can’t handle the little that you have. The Bible says that if you are faithful over the few I will make you ruler over the many. So until you learn how to manage things on your present level promotion will never come your way. The bible says that God will not put more on you than you can bare, most people think that’s only talking about heartache, but it is also talking about blessings as well, he will not bless you above what you can handle. What is meant for a blessing if it is mishandled could become a burden or a curse. Why would God bless you with another child if you are barely taking care of the one that you have? Why would he promote you on your job if you are barely handling your current workload? Why would he bless you with more money only knowing that you will create more debt and you will dig yourself into a deeper hole? God will not continue to add to a unfruitful lifestyle that you are already in, and continue to ask for more and more Help? So the question is can you stand to be blessed? Can you stand for God to take you Higher? Are you doing what it takes at your current level for God to be able to trust you with more? The truth is that devil is not blocking your blessings, you are blocking your own blessing by not being a good steward over what you already have. Even grandma told us as a child to waste not, want not! So if you are wasting the things that God has provided for you, how do you ever expect for God to take you to the next level?

Daniel Evans

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