Bullying and Sucide

Over the past couple of years bullying has gone crazy over our nation, which is causing our youth to commit suicide.  I feel that bullying has always been a problem but it seems to have a different effect on children now.  How do we help our children handle these situations?  Do we hold the schools responsible? It all starts with us.  Please share any store of bullying that you may have went through whether bullied or you were the bully.

Counselor Dave

6 thoughts on “Bullying and Sucide

  1. I was never really bullied. I did most of the bullying when I was younger. I really dont know why I did it. I thought it was cool. I know the errors of my ways now. I wish I could take back the pain that I caused to people. I was young and dumb that is no excuse but I also did not have anyone there telling me that was wrong to do.

  2. Yeah I remember those days. Most guys would try to fight back where I am from. They might of lost but you got respect for not being a push over. I think we have to show kids a harder side. We grew up someone hit you hit them back that is not something that is taught now. I am sorry bullying to me is only if the kid is older or bigger. Someone your size should not be bullying you if so it is time to toughing you up just a little bit.

  3. I was bullied and it sucked. I could not get away from him. No matter what I did gave him. People can be so mean when they are young. You wonder where they get all of this hate from. It really affect me because I was scared to go to school and go outside and play. I did get tired and started fighting back. Eventually they stopped picking on me and once I started fighting back people would not just let him pick on me like that.

  4. Unfortunately, bullying tends to be the result of someone having his/her own internal issues that haven’t been appropriately handled throughout their lifetime. Many times bullies are eager to get a rise out of others or make someone else feel inadequate because they’ve spent much of their life feeling isolated and lousy. I think much of this can be attributed to an individual’s social environment, but most importantly the relationships they have with their parents and other family members. Consequently, I think how parents interact with their children is directly associated to how their children will interact with their peers. It seems that when children are in a situation where they have parents who don’t actively demonstrate their appreciation for them and love them enough to correct them when they’re overstepping boundaries, then they really have no regard for any boundaries that exist outside their home. We have to start teaching people how to love and respect themselves. When you love yourself, you have a better understanding of what it means to love others. When you don’t love yourself, you do anything to give others a reason to fear who you really are. Think about it…

    P.S. I can only ever remember being bullied once in elementary school. And it was our parents who diffused the situation, and I never had anymore issues. Most children don’t want to be a disappointment to their parents. So, when they see their parents actually care how they’re representing their family outside the home, the bullying typically stops. I mean it was either that or go pick a switch off the tree in the backyard! I guess my bully opted out of the switch!

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