Beautiful Struggle

If you love something, let it go
And if it loves you, then it shall return…
And if it doesn’t… well….it wasn’t meant to be Kinda hard huh….
Like… letting go of a child on a two wheeler Who’s just learning….out of
fear that they’ll fall Which would trigger your mind to think that You should’ve
been by their side…
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that…
Everything is going to be alright
Especially with the world and the way that it is Cause it’s impossible nowadays
For somebody to not know your biz’
To think that nobody on the early am’s
Will step in your crib…to think that nobody will take your kid Or better yet
after nine months he say it aint his!
You better learn from that pig and use bricks To build your mind instead of
straw and sticks Use your third and break this world down Into fractions and
pieces that’s chewable Become one with the sound that’s neutral…
Shhhhhh….. cause in silence
Is the only way you’re gonna see and think clear That’s the only way you’re
going to hear When something greater talks to you No matter who or what that
supremacy may be Or if it’s doing the right thing, being opened minded, A
sacrifice, or Love…..
It’s impossible to think that the world is perfect And that’s why we are the way
we are It’s only perfect beyond the stars Maybe that’s why we put money into
cars And give it away at bars Why we do things we shouldn’t do And love those
who aren’t even worthy…
Because the stars seem to far….
A lot of people lack faith and I’m not afraid to admit that…
I too, sometimes, have that same weakness And at that point I don’t want to step
outside my circle Nor let go of what is mine But with time I have gained
knowledge upon knowledge And wisdom upon wisdom, understanding upon
understanding And have expanded my paradigm Which has strengthened my faith
beyond belief Yet I still sometimes have fear walking these streets… of
reality And her zations are creeping in Like the sunshine through the shades in
the morning…..
I don’t even have to see it to know that it’s beautiful..
Struggle, the process, cause nothing is meant for us to know I just have to open
the blinds…
And let one foot fall in front of the other…
And not look back….
Darian—-(c) 2005

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