Bad Customer Service

bad-customer-service1Have you ever had terrible customer service? Well I have numerous amounts of times. I don’t know what is in the water these days but people are terrible. Personally I think if you can not handle a job in the public then you do not need to have that job. People can be so rude. If you have a job that deals with people whether it is a waitress, bill collector, or public servant in the government you should be considerate of everyone that you come across.

I do understand that some people can be upset or mad. Why do you take it personal? You are getting paid. If I go to a restaurant then I want the best service I can possibly get. Keep my drink filled. Check on the table from time to time. You can not look at some one and guess if they are going to tip you or not. You never know who tips a lot. You should put your best foot forward.

Bill collectors you should slap yourself right now. You act like it is your money that you are collecting. Be courteous! A lot of people are trying their best to pay their bills. The last thing they need is attitude from you. Have some respect for people and their situations.

Now government workers (social security, TANF, Food Stamps) can just be out right rude. If one of you did not get paid when you were suppose to you would not be happy either. Let the people vent a little bit then help them out. They are just frustrated. You are getting paid to do your job and you are getting paid pretty well might I add. There is no reason for you not to listen to someone they are hurt and broke. Earn your pay checks and go the extra mile sometimes. If you need me to write a customer service handbook let me know and I will help you out.

Remember to Keep It GC,
Adrian Taylor

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