4 thoughts on “Baby Daddy to Husband

  1. Im not sure I understand the question, Counsel. It’s up to a man to step up and decide to take on the role of being a husband, father, and family man. He can transform himself into that role by getting into the mindset of a husband and believing that child should be raised within a family unit with both parents and then do what he has to do to make that happen.

  2. This is very interesting. I think that a man has to step up and say that want to be in a meaningful relationship. You are going to the man you want to be in a relationship. I don’t think you can turn a baby daddy into a husband unless he wants to be basically.

  3. A Dude has to choose to be a Father/daddy. But a woman can help make the choice easier by first being a mature woman, setting standards and liveing by postive core values. Encourge the dude to step up to fatherhood and be a mature man. Don’t ridcule and badger him for not being the picture perfect father firgure. Now once that part is firgured out work on actually being wife material for your baby daddy and for a man in general. Basically take care of your business, be a straight up mother and grade A companion. If he wants to be with you as wife so be it…if not move on! If you really do the damn thing somebody else will gratefully take your hand, children or not…..issue is a lot of the Baby Mamas ain’t do the damn thing!

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