Are You Ready for Your Mate?

are-you-readyIt is funny how we pray to God and ask him to send us the good mate that we want and when He sends them to us we do not know how to handle it. It’s crazy that we pray about it for months and years and when God answers our prayers we freeze up! We tend to talk ourselves out of our blessings. We say, “Someone cannot be this genuine and no one can be this good to me.” We become “not ready” for it.

Sometimes, we have to put our fears to the side and jump out on faith. If you are dating someone and you are used to being in bad relationships, it is going to be hard to trust the person that is doing everything right. It is something different. We are afraid of what we do not know. If you have had failed relationships over and over, it does not mean this person is going to steal your heart and run too.

From this day forward, if you are dating right now, I want you to put your past behind you and give the next person a clean slate. If he or she is a good person, let them be that to you. Do not ask silly questions like, “Why are you single?” Don’t tell them, “You are dating a bunch of people because you are too good.” It’s possible they are single because they were specially made for you. I know that it is hard for you to just let go and trust that someone will have your best interest but just take it slow and date each other. There is no reason to rush into something. Build that bond with each other. Do not be afraid, because you could possibly push a good thing away and not know it.

Remember to Keep It GC,

Counselor Adrian

10 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Your Mate?

  1. I hate the question, “why are you single?” Grrrrrr but any who, you are right on with this! We do pray for God to send us the right one but we don’t pray asking to become the right one. If it is in God’s plan for us to be with a specific person, we BOTH must be ready. So those of us that are single, we can look at it in one of two ways: 1. We are still single because our future husband/wife is still being prepared OR 2. Because WE are still being prepared and they are “waiting” on us; when I say they, I mean our future husband/wife AND God.

  2. It was the truth! Do u ever practice what u preach? I think it is easy for people to think the worst about relationship’s. At least it is easy for me.

    1. It is easy for us think the worst its a defense mechanism that we have. Yes I do practice what I preach now at least. Can not say that I have always done this though. It is a growing process.

  3. This a great article Adrian! It’s not often that we read or talk about this topic, but it’s so prevalent today. Thanks for writing this.


  4. Both partners have to be prepared. A woman has to be prepared to receive her mate and a man has be prepared to take his wife.

    In the bible, Esther spent 12 months preparing herself to become the King’s bride. Esther’s preparation included sacrificing self (let go of selfish ambitions) and preparing to live a shared life with her King.

    The bible says that a man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife and they become one. So when a man is ready for a wife he has to be prepared to take her and forsake ALL OTHERS.

    So both men and women have to be ready to give up “self” and all others. And both must be ready to take on their natural roles in the relationship.

  5. I wish you would stay out of my kool-aid. That was me 14 years ago. I prayed for a wife, as my mother told me I should, and received her within a few months of my prayer. I went through a long 8 year preparation process. During the time, I did not realize God was prepping me to be a husband according to HIS Word. But now that I am able to think back over my life I can see how HIS preparation was keeping me from disaster. I can truly say that if GOD had not prepped me that my marriage would not be or never would have been. So, I bless the Lord for preparing me to receive the answer to my prayer, my wife Eva.

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