A Hindsight Perspective

Mind travelin’, wrapped in my memories
Love… you started off as a friend to me
Curiosity killed my innocence with endless possibilities
Happily married with children now
God blessed a brotha with a Queen
Till death do us part so going through i wouldn’t change a thing
Love I’m just sittin’ here thinkin’ about what we used to be, ha…
Flashing back brings a smile to my face…
Of memories that can’t be replaced nor do I want to erase, ha…
Including the mistakes… it’s inevitable
The ebbs and flows of love and hate
What we thought was real
Turned out to be food without soul
A cold dinner plate
A pileup on the interstate
Our clash only proved that real love lust cannot duplicate
Genuine actions with pseudo feelings caused us to hesitate
Words we said we thought we meant, can’t take ’em back
Like a child learning to walk, fear and doubt set in
Those steps we weren’t ready to take, so we separate
On the simplest of things we struggle to concentrate
Thinking we’re the only one going through
When folks around the globe can relate
Going through heartbreak
Is the curriculum for love life chooses to educate
The high we felt is how life demonstrates
Our insecure-and-vulnerabilities
From loneliness the high is an escape
A heart takes a beating and needs to be seasoned
Tried and tested before it finds a happy place
That could mean it has to wait on the perfect mate
Going through the same process before it can save the date
And walk down the isle to mama’s baby
Or take the hand of daddy’s precious child
Swear and recite some vows
Some meet the one early, others it takes a while
Some get it right the first time, others go through trials
Some cherish what they have
Others get a new every two like a mo-bile
Device and roll the dice, banking they can get it right
When they get older and settle down
Some are swept, caught off guard
Some are scarred, forever wild
Some like to get around
Others don’t play that like homie the clown
Love we go back like polaroids
We’re tight like daps and pounds
But you also had a brotha runnin’ on fumes
Chasing you all over town
Gave me the bidness like a toon
With rain from a personal cloud
Had to learn the hard way never to assume
You had me out of character
In costumes with a mask like MF Doom
Love aka the elephant in the room
From the birds and bees to the tomb
Through our struggles as caterpillars
Dumbo through our flights
When we break out of our cocoons
Love hurts and soothes
Love plays by and breaks the rules
Love is a sad song, the perfect tune
Love breaks us down
And lifts our colors up when we have the blues
It’s not impossible
For a heart to go through life without a bruise
But love is a difficult language
Even with experience, it’s hard to recognize all the clues

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