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While on a rendezvous through a couple of different cities over the past few weeks, I began to think, what cities would be the best to live and/or party?  I compiled a list of cities that I thought could compete for the best to live and/or party in.  I also listed  some downsides to being in these cities. They are in no particular order. Read on my friend….


  1. New York: Who doesn’t dream of living in the Big Apple? This is a city of global importance, with a very diverse and robust culture. New York has like 50 million sports teams (exaggerated). You can choose from NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA and Major League Soccer. The fever ranges from the New York Rangers (pun intended) to the New York Jets and Giants. After banging it out on the grid iron you can head to Madison Square for the Knicks….and did I already say the Rangers. Various collegiate sports teams are also available. This brings me to another point; New York is definitely a place to get your higher education on. We’re speaking CUNY, SUNY, NYU, Columbia, Cornell, St. Johns and a multitude of others.

And of course after a long day of studying and taking tests at one of the above listed institutions, enjoy the nightlife! It is amazing, by the way!

Now this leads me to the next question. How is one able to afford all of this? Well being the financial capitol of the world, I guess one would need to get into investment banking or be a hot shot corporate lawyer specializing in corporate acquisitions, mergers and IPOs; be an entertainer like Diddy and Jay Z; or just play sports like Carmelo Anthony. But seriously, even the firefighters and cops in New York make just shy of 100K!

Well as you can imagine with so many high rollers in one place, you have a high cost of living and New York will take your whole paycheck in rent…and if you have a mortgage you’re looking at an investment. Regardless, New York is a city where you can make it if you try.


2. Atlanta: How about the good old southern hospitality of the ATL. You have pro football, basketball and baseball…but unfortunately no hockey. Farewell NHLs Atlanta Thrashers, guess they couldn’t stand the heat (lol, not a very good joke). Anyways the ATL has a million streets named Peachtree and millions of peaches to go with it. The Gentleman will find no shortage of Dames in these parts. You also find some pretty historic colleges and university in Atlanta, such as Morehouse, Clark Atlanta, Spelman, Georgia State, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and a host of others.  The job market compared to most of the U.S. is relatively strong and holding its own in areas such as finance and healthcare. ATL hosts major employers such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Atlanta International Airport, UPS and the Home Depot.  This combined with a thriving tourism industry leaves a wealth of opportunity for those with a “go-get-it” mentality. The nightlife is no slouch in Atlanta either, with plenty of eateries and club establishments for you to boogie at…however take a nap before you go out, the ATL does not hit the club until midnight.


Did I mention the low cost of living that Atlanta has compared to other major cities…. Atlanta may be the American Dream.


3. Washington, DC: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic and High Cost of Living. Well, similar to New York, The District of Columbia is one of those places where you have to pay to play. However, being the national capitol has its advantages. The DC job market is arguably the strongest in the nation. From Federal Employers, Federal Contractors, Finance, Health Care and industries that support a large thriving urban area, DC can be very livable for the right cliental. DC is attorney heaven and is also heavily laden with IT folk and Defense secret squirrels. DC has major league sports and RG-3! We are talking Redskins, Capitols, Nationals, Wizards and Mystics. DC is culturally diverse and a great place to get your eat on with Jamaican, Spanish, Chinese and Italian restaurants galore.  DC is also strategically placed where you can get to several other major and semi major cities in under 3 hours, such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Annapolis and Richmond.

DC’s education foundation is strong and there is a massive amount of uber-educated personnel lurking the streets….and they will let you know it! DC Metro is the home of American University, George Washington, Georgetown, University of Maryland, Catholic, Howard and George Mason.


4. Miami: Wow, what can I say the ladies are gorgeous in Miami and there are plenty of them. I mean it’s nothing to see J-Lo or Eva Longoria walking the Sun crested pathways of South Beach.  The music is right, the drinks are strong and the scenery  is gorgeous. Lebron James, D-Wade and another forthcoming championship are all you need on the sports scene. Miami is also home to the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers. Colleges include University of Miami, Florida Atlantic and Nova Southeastern University.

Well that’s were the fun might end, with a steaming high unemployment rate and high cost of living in the desirable areas, it might be kind of hard to live and play in M.IA. A person with the right credentials could do well in Miami (read athlete), however do your research wisely.


So tell us about your experiences and thoughts on different cities/areas in the U.S. or abroad.  Where’s the party at, Where’s the money at?


~Andy (Counselor)

Remember to keep it G.C.

4 thoughts on “To Live and Play

  1. I agree with all of that, I just haven’t experienced the nightlife in NYC yet… 🙂 Truth is someone just has to have the right job to flourish in the right city. Atlanta sounds optimal because you have a wide range of culture and opportunities, PLUS the exceptional cost of living. I think a city in TX should be added, not sure if it’s Dallas, Houston or Austin… but its certainly comparable on a list like this. Thanks for the insight… 🙂

  2. Personally I really like Honolulu! The island and the sorroundings areas are are a great place to visit. I am in love with LA and San Fran. There is a high cost of living there for working folks. But if you got it. It is the place to be. Cheers!

  3. I love NYC there is so much to do there. I need to go and visit the night life is crazy. I think MIA is next in line. The women there are gorgeous. I live it.

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