29 Years 156 Days

Sometimes things happen in our life that makes us wake up and look at the relationships in our life whether it is with friends, family, or significant other in a different light. You realize that the relationship is not what you wish or want it to be. What do you do…..? Cut them off, tell them you feel your relationship is one sided and you feel you have been enabling them your entire relationship. You think they are going to change? Maybe or maybe not, it is worth a try to fix the relationship. How do you end these one sided relationships?

Sometimes people are in your life for a season then it is time to move on. Hey sometimes it could be for a few seasons, but you have to realize what you are suppose to get out the relationship and learn. I now have realized at 29 years and 156 days in my life this lesson that I now understand. You cannot hold on to every relationship in your life that you create. Make sure that you are getting what you put in a relationship. I do understand that some time you are going to do more in a relationship but it cannot always be that way. Because when you need them don’t be surprised when they are not there for you!  Simply let go and let God!

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3 thoughts on “29 Years 156 Days

  1. I was dating this guy for a very long time. It really did not seem like it was going anywhere. I wanted it to workout but he just did not seem to want to commit to me the long term. It was a great relationship but he was not trying to marry me. So I had to let it go. It was hard for me at first because I did not know what to expect. I do miss him but if it is meant to be it will be I could not continue to put myself in that situation when I knew that I wanted more that he was willing to give me.

  2. Man I think everyone has been there before. I know for a fact that some of my friends that I had are just not in my life anymore. I do not know what happen but something changed. It is fine. Hopefully we will be back around at some time. Life is hard and it is not easy to lose someone that you let into your life.

  3. People have seasons, sometimes their season or your season is over. Does not necessarily mean that it is positive or negative, the relationship is just not what it use to be. It may have been times where you spent almost every single day with your best friend, pretty much doing everything with them. Now maybe you just catch up with them doing the holidays or on a trip to your old neighborhood…just a different season.

    ….However some people just need to be let go!

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