10 Gentleman Commandments

Not to be confused with the 10 Commandments.  Men need to get back to having some core values.  I came up with a list of rules every man should live by.  See if you agree. 

1.  Thou shall fear no man but God.
2.  Thou shall love and protect my children.
3.  Thou shall respect elders.
4.  Thou shall not cheat on wife.
5.  Thou shall address a lady with respect.
6.  Thou shall not kill without purpose.
7.  Thou shall respect another man’s property.
8.  Thou shall conduct self with dignity.
9.  Thou shall keep self groomed and healthy.
10.  Thou shall put self second to love ones.

9 thoughts on “10 Gentleman Commandments

  1. Nice thoughts, getting back to basics. Men could use some guidance in the 21st Centuary. Bravo and Cheers to the Gentlemans Counsel!

  2. I think everyone Should follow these rules. Men need to step up and be better start leading from the front and not the back.

  3. Yeah we need to get back to basics. Our children have no chance so I think that you need to start focusing on them so that we can set standards. I look at males 13-17 and wonder what they are doing.

  4. Every man should live by this not just gentleman. I try and talk to my friends about doing more if everyone would stop saying it is not my problem and just help out offer advice we would do better. We need to focus our attention in other places and not just our children.

  5. Bunch of crap, real men drink brews and wear the same draws twice a week!!! Gentlemen are weak and have stumble to a word of feminist!!

  6. I’m frustrated at some of the issues going on in the U.S. today. Particular the economy, job-loss and senseless violence. So excuse my delivery. But we got to realize what’s happening in the U.S. we are crapping on our kids future. Look if your not out actively trying to better your self, do us all a favor………..
    Stop abusing the system, making babies you can’t afford, and taking all the government subsidiary that you can fit into 40 years of living in the hood. And just because you didn’t have the best relationship with your parents or you’ve always had trouble getting along with your classmates or you did not get into harvard, does not give you the right to shoot $;$:$ up!!!

    If you wear $245 Air Yeezy and $150 true religion jeans, but can’t afford day care for the children so you can go to work a couple days of the week, you need to get Sucka Punched!

    If you spend $3000 for the rims on your car but the car is only worth $300 and is your daily driver….you need to rearrange your priorities.

    If your father and mother are CEO or Dr, such and such and u consistently hang out in the most improvised communities just to prove your self…..you need slapped.

    If you got five kids by four different baby daddy’s and none of them are taking care of their responsibilities….go $&($& your self…it’s very unlikely you will get pregnant again with this method of contraception.

    If you still have not accepted the fact that the U. S. is a melting pot and everybody is entitled to a chance…find a river with the strongest current and jump in!

    Yes your Asian son married a Spanish women…get over it

    Stereotypes are dangerous but realize most of the B.S. cliches are supported by what a good amount of the stereotyped do. So if your doing it, and it’s negative..stop it.

    And off topic, I got some new ideals for organizations

    NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People)

    BFF (Battered Father Foundation)

    MEF (Majority Education Fund)

    IBIIRA (It’s because I’m Indian international relief Aid)

    P. S. Eat my Shorts! And excuse my spelling.

  7. I think this list of Man Commandments is great… in the same token I cna’t wait to see what REal Woman Commandments look like. If men begin to look like this women need to step up and be more than what we are right now! It’s not a color thing but aman vs woman thing… we ALL need to de better!

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