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My Vision, Our Future

future-highway-signI sit back and think about life and where I wish we were as a nation. We have come so far but we have such a long way to go. I would like to share with you my hopes for the years to come. It is time for a little mix of new school with the old school. I have a vision for the future; that we as a people will come together and hold all politicians accountable for the decision that they continue to make that affect our lives. We cannot continue to let this country be run into the ground because millionaires want to keep their power in office. We have to hold everyone accountable. Once we lift our voices together, they will have no choice but to do what we say. A true politician is made a leader for the people and by the people. That means we have to get out and vote; not only for presidency but the local elections. I challenge you to find out who are your federal, state, and local politicians.

I would like to see us as country putting more emphasis on family values than money. Marriage rates will go up and divorce rates will go down. I believe that more men will start taking care of their kids and stop leaving these mothers to take care of them alone. I see men being the head of their households, leading from the front, setting the examples for the children, and helping out their communities. I am speaking this into existence. I see the hearts of women softening, and having a trusting spirit. I see parents raising their kids and not trying to be their friends. I see villages raising children; if little Billy is out of line, and his parents are not there, someone should be able to tell him to behave without any backlash because a child should know his/her place.
I hope that people learn that you cannot claim a block that you do not own any part of; that is not your land so stop acting like it. There are things bigger going on in the world. Put that energy into something positive. If you claim the block at least keep it clean and safe; that is taking real pride in where you come from. Stop shooting each other over colors. Your organization was not built on senseless killing. Killing does not make you a man, raising a family and being productive in society does. I see more people putting down the guns and choosing to live than die.

I believe we will put drive and a competitive edge back into our children. I am sorry, but there is a first, second, third place for a reason; it sets bench marks or a goal to meet. In the real world you do not get a moral victory for showing up to work. You have to work hard to get to where you want to be. I remember when we had P.E. and recess; now children do not even have to participate in P.E. if they do not want too! Teachers cannot teach children alone, parents will get involved again. I see a new day. We should want the youth to be better than we were. It takes time and dedication to make sure this happens.

I see unity in our future for all of us. There has been progress in equality. I think it is time for true unity. We need to grow as a nation. I believe in all of this. If you believe in this, that is the first step; the next step is asking yourself what you can do to improve in the quality of living in the United States. Start speaking to your neighbors. Start spending quality time with your wife/ husband/ mother/ father/ son/ daughter. I see everything that I mentioned, and God says ask and you shall receive.

Remember to Keep It GC,

Adrian Taylor

Bad Customer Service

bad-customer-service1Have you ever had terrible customer service? Well I have numerous amounts of times. I don’t know what is in the water these days but people are terrible. Personally I think if you can not handle a job in the public then you do not need to have that job. People can be so rude. If you have a job that deals with people whether it is a waitress, bill collector, or public servant in the government you should be considerate of everyone that you come across.

I do understand that some people can be upset or mad. Why do you take it personal? You are getting paid. If I go to a restaurant then I want the best service I can possibly get. Keep my drink filled. Check on the table from time to time. You can not look at some one and guess if they are going to tip you or not. You never know who tips a lot. You should put your best foot forward.

Bill collectors you should slap yourself right now. You act like it is your money that you are collecting. Be courteous! A lot of people are trying their best to pay their bills. The last thing they need is attitude from you. Have some respect for people and their situations.

Now government workers (social security, TANF, Food Stamps) can just be out right rude. If one of you did not get paid when you were suppose to you would not be happy either. Let the people vent a little bit then help them out. They are just frustrated. You are getting paid to do your job and you are getting paid pretty well might I add. There is no reason for you not to listen to someone they are hurt and broke. Earn your pay checks and go the extra mile sometimes. If you need me to write a customer service handbook let me know and I will help you out.

Remember to Keep It GC,
Adrian Taylor


What is your motivation?  What makes you say I am tired of living the way I live and I want more out of life?  Is it your wife?  Is it your children?  Is it the fact that everyone has told you your entire life that you will not amount to anything from family to teachers?

I will tell you what motivates me.  I remember when I was a teenager and I would go hungry.  There were times I would eat out of the trash, because I had nothing to eat.  No one around me even knew this was going on.  I am here to tell you I remember it like it was yesterday.  I know that I am far from that point in my life but I could be right back in that place.  I never want to be back there.  I never want my family to experience that.  So I will continue to work hard to be the best that I can be.  I do not believe in “No”.  It is just a speed bump in the road where I need to take a step back and rethink my route.  I will not be denied.  I do not know if you would call that Cocky or Confidence but I will not lose.  I have gone through too much and come too far.

With all that being said, there is still a little bit of that young man that was eating out of the garbage in me.  It keeps me humble.  People around me wonder why I will go out of my way to feed a homeless person well I am just doing what I wanted someone to do for me.  Everyone needs food to live and survive.

I want you to look deep inside yourself and do better, be better.  Live with the decisions that you have made and learn from them.  Do not live in the past.  Just because one opportunity shuts down does not mean there isn’t another one ready to go.  Every day I wake up it’s a new day and I walk out the door saying, “I am going to be better today than I was yesterday. “

Remember to Keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

To Live and Play

While on a rendezvous through a couple of different cities over the past few weeks, I began to think, what cities would be the best to live and/or party?  I compiled a list of cities that I thought could compete for the best to live and/or party in.  I also listed  some downsides to being in these cities. They are in no particular order. Read on my friend….


  1. New York: Who doesn’t dream of living in the Big Apple? This is a city of global importance, with a very diverse and robust culture. New York has like 50 million sports teams (exaggerated). You can choose from NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA and Major League Soccer. The fever ranges from the New York Rangers (pun intended) to the New York Jets and Giants. After banging it out on the grid iron you can head to Madison Square for the Knicks….and did I already say the Rangers. Various collegiate sports teams are also available. This brings me to another point; New York is definitely a place to get your higher education on. We’re speaking CUNY, SUNY, NYU, Columbia, Cornell, St. Johns and a multitude of others.

And of course after a long day of studying and taking tests at one of the above listed institutions, enjoy the nightlife! It is amazing, by the way!

Now this leads me to the next question. How is one able to afford all of this? Well being the financial capitol of the world, I guess one would need to get into investment banking or be a hot shot corporate lawyer specializing in corporate acquisitions, mergers and IPOs; be an entertainer like Diddy and Jay Z; or just play sports like Carmelo Anthony. But seriously, even the firefighters and cops in New York make just shy of 100K!

Well as you can imagine with so many high rollers in one place, you have a high cost of living and New York will take your whole paycheck in rent…and if you have a mortgage you’re looking at an investment. Regardless, New York is a city where you can make it if you try.


2. Atlanta: How about the good old southern hospitality of the ATL. You have pro football, basketball and baseball…but unfortunately no hockey. Farewell NHLs Atlanta Thrashers, guess they couldn’t stand the heat (lol, not a very good joke). Anyways the ATL has a million streets named Peachtree and millions of peaches to go with it. The Gentleman will find no shortage of Dames in these parts. You also find some pretty historic colleges and university in Atlanta, such as Morehouse, Clark Atlanta, Spelman, Georgia State, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and a host of others.  The job market compared to most of the U.S. is relatively strong and holding its own in areas such as finance and healthcare. ATL hosts major employers such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Atlanta International Airport, UPS and the Home Depot.  This combined with a thriving tourism industry leaves a wealth of opportunity for those with a “go-get-it” mentality. The nightlife is no slouch in Atlanta either, with plenty of eateries and club establishments for you to boogie at…however take a nap before you go out, the ATL does not hit the club until midnight.


Did I mention the low cost of living that Atlanta has compared to other major cities…. Atlanta may be the American Dream.


3. Washington, DC: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic and High Cost of Living. Well, similar to New York, The District of Columbia is one of those places where you have to pay to play. However, being the national capitol has its advantages. The DC job market is arguably the strongest in the nation. From Federal Employers, Federal Contractors, Finance, Health Care and industries that support a large thriving urban area, DC can be very livable for the right cliental. DC is attorney heaven and is also heavily laden with IT folk and Defense secret squirrels. DC has major league sports and RG-3! We are talking Redskins, Capitols, Nationals, Wizards and Mystics. DC is culturally diverse and a great place to get your eat on with Jamaican, Spanish, Chinese and Italian restaurants galore.  DC is also strategically placed where you can get to several other major and semi major cities in under 3 hours, such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Annapolis and Richmond.

DC’s education foundation is strong and there is a massive amount of uber-educated personnel lurking the streets….and they will let you know it! DC Metro is the home of American University, George Washington, Georgetown, University of Maryland, Catholic, Howard and George Mason.


4. Miami: Wow, what can I say the ladies are gorgeous in Miami and there are plenty of them. I mean it’s nothing to see J-Lo or Eva Longoria walking the Sun crested pathways of South Beach.  The music is right, the drinks are strong and the scenery  is gorgeous. Lebron James, D-Wade and another forthcoming championship are all you need on the sports scene. Miami is also home to the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers. Colleges include University of Miami, Florida Atlantic and Nova Southeastern University.

Well that’s were the fun might end, with a steaming high unemployment rate and high cost of living in the desirable areas, it might be kind of hard to live and play in M.IA. A person with the right credentials could do well in Miami (read athlete), however do your research wisely.


So tell us about your experiences and thoughts on different cities/areas in the U.S. or abroad.  Where’s the party at, Where’s the money at?


~Andy (Counselor)

Remember to keep it G.C.


I had a couple of emails of people asking me what I thought about 30 for 30 on ESPN.  I had a couple different reactions to it.  My first reaction was how stupid could these millionaires be, going from making 20-120 million and have nothing to show for it?  Then I look at it as sad.  I actually do feel bad for them.

We have to understand we are talking about people who come from broken homes, poor families, a keep it real mentality, if I eat everyone around me needs to eat, or I want nothing but Gucci and Gold.  A lot of these guys were never taught how to manage their money.  People are leaches and that will take and take until you have nothing left.  Everyone wants something from you.  Everyone looks at you like the man, this is what you have to put out there.  You have to buy out the bar for your friends because you have set the ground work and they simply expect you to always take care of the bill when you are out.

When some people get a large amount of money they lose control.  They tend to spend it like it will never run out.  You do the math, you make 5 mil a year you spend 1mil but you still have bills to think about, let alone the taxes that comes off that 5 mil.  So, you wonder how they can be broke?  The same way I have friends making 80-100K a year and they broke you simply living beyond your means.  We have to get out of this “Baller” state of mind.  Why are you spending 100K on a necklace?  That is ignorance.  I am not saying don’t spend money but come on Gold Ceiling in your house?  I loved what one of the financial advisors said, “Putting 10 million in a mutual fund to make 1.5 million is not sexy.”  That is so true but when you make that kind of money, investing in bonds and securities are very beneficial.  We have to teach the value of a dollar.  You are making so much money that at this point it should literally be working for you.

We need to start educating our youth early.  A lot of these guys do not have anyone in their life to show them how to handle money.  They are only being told how great they are, and how much money they will be able to make a lot of money.  When you want something from people you will tell them anything they want to hear.  We have rappers educating them on how cool it is to blow money.  What about saving money?  That is where we have to do better.  I would rather drive a Camry with 60,000 in the bank than drive an Escalade with 1,000 in the bank.  Educate!

Remember to Keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

I Want to be a Lawyer

Do you remember when you were young and you would say “I want to be a Lawyer, Engineer or a Doctor, when I grow up?”  As children we always had a since of where we wanted our life to go or what we wanted to become.  As we start to grow and mature some of this seemed to change whether it was for the better or worse we rarely become what we wanted to be as a child. 

We tend to set timelines of when, where and what should happen in our life.  We all try to map our life out.  There is a certain stage where we feel we will be in our six figure job, married with children, living the American dream.  Big question is how do we react when our real timeline does not fit the one that we planned out for ourselves? 

Some of us stress and lose out on the precious moments that we have because we are stressing on our future.  I am not telling you not to shoot for the stars but understand that just because you are not a millionaire by the age of 30 does not mean that you will not be by the age of 35.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Readjust your goals.  Try to do more reflecting on what you do have, and not what you don’t.  Getting caught up in the rat race will only make your age faster. 

Stressing about your life and where it is compared to what you want it to be is human nature.  Try not to look at the person next to you and compare your life to there’s because trust me they are dealing with their own demons.  Everyone may want the glory but they don’t know the story!

Stop and smell the roses sometimes.  There are things that I would love to do before I die but I cannot worry about that.  I have accomplished so much in my life.  If I was to die tomorrow I will be content with my life.  Let’s be honest, if you are someone that is striving for perfection in life, you will never be satisfied no matter what you do.  So prioritize the things in your life that are most important.  For me it is God, family, friends, and career in that order.   You know your heart and what is most important to you live that way and everything will work itself out.  You are not a failure if you are 30 making 80,000 a year when you planned to make 100,000.  Keep pushing, so what it takes you another couple years.  It’s a goal keep reaching for it. 

Always Remember to Keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

Master of None

Some people are blessed with a lot of talents.  They seem to posses all the skills to achieve everything that they want in life.  But there seem to be something missing in all of their plans.  It could be a lack of focus, drive or vision but something seems to always fall in their ultimate goals. 

Trust me I am not saying that you need to put all your eggs in one basket.  You can do all the things that you want to do but how do you achieve it without sacrificing something first?  You need to do some soul searching.  What is your bread and butter?    What are your best characteristics? 

You need to know what you do best and how to make sure you feed your best assets.  You also have to put in the leg work and focus on a project to see it grow to its potential.  If you fit this bill then you need to understand what are you best attributes?  Sit down get to know yourself.  Write down on a piece of paper your best skills, then what you are most passionate about, and then write down your strongest characteristics.   You should analyze your situation to figure out a plan to accomplish your short term goals to get to your ultimate goals. 

If you want to live to your potential you have to groom your strongest assets first.  Everything else will fall in place.  If you are a great inventor but want to be an entrepreneur you should first invent a great product before you can actually promote it.  Or you can always get a partner that understands the business and will teach you so you can learn for yourself.   

Remember to always keep it GC,

Counselor Dave

Men Dressing like Women

I want to be as Politically correct as possible.  I am not trying to offend anyone but what is going on.  I am starting to see something that disturbs me.  I was told it was called being “trendy”.  I am noticing too many men dressing like women.  Whether it is tight jeans and t-shirts or Capri pants and tank tops, it is starting to get out of hand.    I need to know from my women if this is considered to be cute?  Do women like men that dress like them? 

Maybe I am outdated, then again maybe not.  Am I the only person that thinks this way?  Athletes are dressing like this as well.  Are we entering into a new time?  I was just taught men do not wear tight jeans.  There is a difference from wearing clothes that fit and that are tight. 

The culture is changing.  When did dressing like Urkel become hot as well?  Someone please help us men out that do not understand what is going on now.  Do we need to get with the times or do my ladies looking at this as not cute?   My friend told me that women love this type of dress.  Is it true?

Remember to Always Keep it GC,

Counselor Dave