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Can I Tell You Something


Can I tell you something?
I mean I gotta get this off my chest, see…
I met this girl yo…and I’m saying tho,
she gotta be the one for me,
And She so puuurrrty,
sometimes I find myself blowing kisses at her shadow
…if she’d cast one…
cuz the only thing brighter than her is the sun,
and i dnt even know about all that cuz its HER that makes everything on me grow…ya know *wink*…
and I know, I ain’t solar powered, just a coward to tell you—-I mean her,
that If she really is a star then I’m her only planet…granted I just met you yesterday…
or at least it seems like about one full rotation since He first planted your seed in my soil
that grew to bear such an unconditional fruit.
not that forbidden fruit that Eve was slinging,
but that for living, my Cherry amor fruit that Steve was singing.
Every day you bringing… me joy…I did say “she” right?
Oh and did I mention SHE write???
mannnnn she wrote me this song about brushing my hair and puttin my du-rag on…
yea beyonce was singing it but that had to be my baby song,
I mean she caters to my ever loving needs…right or wrong!
I dnt even gotta ask…I just be smilin’,
cuz what I think she think and what she think I think, it’s like our souls are N’sync…
Justin…case we Neva made it past today,
the dime in yo face, that damn in yo waist and the depth in the space between em cute little ear you got, gave me my life’s purpose and the summit to my base…I mean she…
Funny thing is God told me he was gone change my life soon as I got up from under those covers, but I ain’t think she was gone be the change to make me wanna change others…
turn haters into lovers, enemies into brothers, and by any means, one way or another, i’ma have you…I mean her…
I swear if I could sing…I’d Usher her down the isle,
and if i could dance I’d never Chris Brown or Black her eye
and if I could litigate I’d mitigate the possibility of ever being acquitted…
I love this girl…it’s the best feeling in the world and I cant even admit it…because at the end of the day, what can the sand really tell the ocean…eroding the safety of my sures and maybes…
Like the moon and the tide, we are tied
In constant connection but our paths never collide
Bringing stabilty to the constant waves of emotion…
So can i tell u something, i can no longer hide
In you is a home where my love does reside

Jamel Holloman

My Weakness

weaknessAint nothing like music to set the mood…

I’m sittin here listenin to some tunes

My intensions… to think about you

It’s … just something that I do…

I can’t help myself

My thoughts, dreams, fantasies, you consume…

Reality… you allow me to escape from

Even when you’re sittin next to me

Now aint that somn’

I know … I know… I aint right

You talkin to meeee, I’m lookin you in the eyyyyeee

“Yeah … uhhu… okay…”

I’m nodding to show I’m listening

But you sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher

My mind is on last night…

Trying to find a way to repeat it tonight

Shawty… you lookin right

Excuse me if I bite

Shawty… you lookin ripe

Yes … even in that blouse I don’t like

In any garment you’re a beam of beautiful hues and light

Your smile, sexy and bright, a blessing to my sight

You elevate me…I just want to take you on a flight

Of emotions, thoughts, and feelings

You could probably never truly handle or comprehend

In my peripheral I can still spot a 10

I’m just one man with the thoughts of many men

Baby back, baby back, you got it

I could eat a plate full of them

But I’m God designed, I’m satisfied with just one rib

You’re the only one that can weaken me with just one kiss

I caint sing, but for you I will serenade with notes I caint hit

All I do is this, but I will move my two left feet to the right

And back again just to align with the rhythm of your hips

When your song comes on and you shout “that’s myyy isshhh!”

Yeahhh… I dip … when you dip

And regardless if we’re assisted by a couple of sips

I’m already intoxicated by the sheer bliss in our relationship

My apologies for a one track mind

In all seriousness it’s hard to be serious

I’m teen wolf all grown up

But the urge is still there and the moon is a full as your lips…

You’re my temptation… my weakness yet..

My greatest strength


(c) 20130617

A Minute

Within a minute of time
A baby takes its first steps, and pictures are taken
A little boy no longer wants to be like daddy
He’d rather be a superhero that saves the nation
Teenagers are peer pressured
And want to know what it’s like to inhale
What it’s like to turn up a bottle
What it’s like to be with opposite sex, unwatched and naked
A young adult finds out how hard reality is
And his or her own life….they take control of it…or take it

A homeless man makes a sign for food

For he doesn’t even have enough money

To make noise if he were to put it in a can and shake it
An elderly person’s body is aching
A college student skips a party for education
A master sergeant retires and finds a new source of inspiration

Within a minute of time a kid is picked on and beat up
Within that same minute an adult remembers

What that was like, and laughs about it
While he kicks his feet up

On his desk in his big corner office
Within a minute of time, a young girl is yelling at a man
Screaming at the top of her lungs…Stop It!
A young man is told by police to Drop It!
Within a minute of time
You and I read it in the papers, a young man was shot
By the police when he reached for his wallet

And in the next minute racial profiling is what the experts called it
Within a minute of time

Someone experiences happiness and acceptance
While another may feel disappointed and neglected
An OG takes a minute to think about the old days

For just a minute ago by some youngin’ he was disrespected

Within a minute of time
Somebody is born and somebody dies
Within a minute of time, one politician tells the truth

While another one lies

A soldier, for his or her country, sacrifices their life

An atheist finds Christ
A man and a woman find that their soul mates in life
While an elderly widow lays next to a picture frame

Just to get her through the night…

Within a minute of time …

The answer could be wrong or right

The situation could be pretty and nice or cold as ice

The time silent and peaceful

Or rushed as if one was about to miss their flight

Within in a minute… what happens…. Is life…
Darian-© 2006

Beautiful Struggle

If you love something, let it go
And if it loves you, then it shall return…
And if it doesn’t… well….it wasn’t meant to be Kinda hard huh….
Like… letting go of a child on a two wheeler Who’s just learning….out of
fear that they’ll fall Which would trigger your mind to think that You should’ve
been by their side…
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that…
Everything is going to be alright
Especially with the world and the way that it is Cause it’s impossible nowadays
For somebody to not know your biz’
To think that nobody on the early am’s
Will step in your crib…to think that nobody will take your kid Or better yet
after nine months he say it aint his!
You better learn from that pig and use bricks To build your mind instead of
straw and sticks Use your third and break this world down Into fractions and
pieces that’s chewable Become one with the sound that’s neutral…
Shhhhhh….. cause in silence
Is the only way you’re gonna see and think clear That’s the only way you’re
going to hear When something greater talks to you No matter who or what that
supremacy may be Or if it’s doing the right thing, being opened minded, A
sacrifice, or Love…..
It’s impossible to think that the world is perfect And that’s why we are the way
we are It’s only perfect beyond the stars Maybe that’s why we put money into
cars And give it away at bars Why we do things we shouldn’t do And love those
who aren’t even worthy…
Because the stars seem to far….
A lot of people lack faith and I’m not afraid to admit that…
I too, sometimes, have that same weakness And at that point I don’t want to step
outside my circle Nor let go of what is mine But with time I have gained
knowledge upon knowledge And wisdom upon wisdom, understanding upon
understanding And have expanded my paradigm Which has strengthened my faith
beyond belief Yet I still sometimes have fear walking these streets… of
reality And her zations are creeping in Like the sunshine through the shades in
the morning…..
I don’t even have to see it to know that it’s beautiful..
Struggle, the process, cause nothing is meant for us to know I just have to open
the blinds…
And let one foot fall in front of the other…
And not look back….
Darian—-(c) 2005


Filled with water are the bottom of my eyelids
but I’m doing that fanning thing to keep the flow of tears
from rolling down my cheeks. I’m not weak.
I speak…loud enough to be heard by the one who chooses
to hear me. I know God is listening.
My tears are my strength; you envy me for what I’m not afraid to do
because I embrace my fate
for God has already stamped my date.
I let go and let Him, never holding back what’s within
that is me.
Who am I to decide what I should be?
Look at your reflection
before you dare to consider the inspection
that you will conduct of me.
You don’t know the half of my rites of passage that has led me to be…
in front of you. I once knew…a man who never told the truth
and when he tried not to lie he would cry inside
and die would his spirit 99 times.
Don’t hold me back from being what I naturally am.
Instead, understand that a woman is a woman and a man is a man.
Yet, do see me in you, as we were created by the same hands.
Forget yesterday and live today, stop reflecting on past faults.
When Lot’s wife looked back, she turned into a pillar of salt!
I see beauty, I see change, I see growth and I see pain.
I see a woman of valor who has very much to gain.
If you never have known love or inhabited its space,
it’s the tears of a woman whose heart has been misplaced.
If you’ve seen her, then you have seen yourself….

Leslie Saint-Julien

Memory Lane

I remember meeting you for the first time
And being exaggeratedly mesmerized
For looking into your eyes
Allowed me to see purpose in my life
It’s like… I could actually feel
My internal pages flip to a new chapter
I didn’t immediately think of wedding rings
Or living happily ever after
But I knew the crossing of our paths
By God was strategically planned
And your attention was instinctively
My mission to capture…
All of a sudden, out of the norm was familiar
What you saw was no character or actor
But a man dutifully going after
Something he absolutely had to have
Your smile, eyes, hair,
Curves, and complexion – all factors
Your personality – uniquely spectacular
The sweetest sound I’ve ever heard
Was replaced with your voice and laughter
Your touch resulted in my heart beating faster
And we all have a sales pitch
But yours had me straddling the fence
With such a spiritual and physical magnetic pull
That I wanted to speak in tongues
With you like a pastor… I’m just being real
Because of life, in every aspect
No matter the pitch
All I could think of was ‘catch her’
But the truth is… you caught me
And because of that I’m a better man
They say behind a great one a woman stands
But what they fail to mention
Is that in front of a great one
A man should turn and kneel
And take her by the hand
It’s implied, but in acceptance
You made it a requirement
That I own and wear a pair of pants
For a Queen you are
And because of God and you, I am
All I need form you is a glance
When facing this world
To be even more confident in my stance
My safari has been illuminated by your smile
My future, with you in it
Has exciting and meaningful plans
I just wanted to take a trip down memory lane
To reflect on when we began
And to thank you for saying ‘Yes’
And most importantly….
For giving me a chance



Patience in finding
Patience in knowing when it’s found
Patience in developing it when it’s owned
Rewinding, going back through your steps
Making sure it’s not a clone
Is vital in matching souls
Essential in making a house a home
She, making the right decision
When he’s on one knee, the classic pose
He, confirming she’s the one
Looking at the pictures of her
That takes up all the memory on his phone
Cause if it’s not the real thing
Patience is telling something that’s pseudo
To get rid of the placebos or get gon’
And if it leaves, patience strengthens
The fear against being alone
Not to mention it takes patience to be grown
To go from a nobody to known
Patience brings light to darkness
So the truth can be shown
Wisdom that lacks patience
Leads to the definition of atone
Like making up for the mistake
Of not listening to the jazz
In MJ’s cd player, ask Malone
it’s ignoring the three fingers
Pointing back at you
Before throwing a stone, the zone
I’m in, takes patience, complacent, I’m never
Been patient with these words. since. forever
Minus for add a y, day I’m better
Got as many styles as Cosby’s sweaters
Switch ’em up like the weather
My lines are as cold as a bever-
-age like fine wine
You cant say it’s not clever, however
I’m patient enough to be critiqued
Patience takes ness that’s meek
I’ve seen it make a millionaire out of a geek
And a lack of it Flip the cool athlete
Above the rim, beneath it, on the streets
With signs for food to eat
Pave the way for a married man to cheat
Vice versa, make a wife from a freak
And when at odds, remind them
Of their vows they swore to keep
It’s looking your child in the eye
And saying “I want you to be better than me”
It takes patience for an addict to escape defeat
A doctor needs patience
A knucklehead needs it to unwrap his gift to preach
Sometimes God puts a message in a bottle
And wants us to patiently wait for it at the beach
We need to be patient with His lessons
Before we can teach
4:13 of Philippians, with patience
No goal or dream is out of our reach
From finding a spouse
To hustlin’ for a j-o-b just to make ends meet
And everything in between, patience is the key
It goes hand in hand with faith and belief


The hurt. The search. Understanding my worth.
Love never seems to work. A forbidden curse, now wearing my heart on my shirt.
He loves me. He loves me not. Honesty vs. the lies. Inevitably.
Seeking. Wanting. Yearning. Wondering.
When? Where? How? When? and WHO?
Craving to say the words: I LOVE YOU
BUT more importantly, those words reciprocated with a face value equal to the truth.
Truth, a nonexistent clause in the amendment of what I seek.
Honesty, nonexistent but lies are all we speak.
The masks of reality, these lies shall hide.
Insecurity. Discouragement. Failure. Closed eyes.
Its not about understanding why it continues to hurt.
But the important factor is knowing your worth.
Worth, what exactly does it mean in one’s life?
Who you are. Better than any storm, struggle or strife.
It will get hard. You are not perfect nor untouchable.
But seeing knowing who you are, mind, body and soul.
The mind controls what the heart ultimately feels
and despite popular belief, understand that truth does not kill.

Monisa Mason

A Man’s Disposition

Repetition of your eclectic disposition that I yearn for as you gather my attention
The sway of your drive, the strength in your eyes, your demeanor, man I can’t believe, I’m hypnotized
Never once fathomed, the reality of your stability, the essence of your masculinity, I can’t even lie
Vibrant, ecstatic all at the same time, the epitome of a man, I shall never seek your demise.
Understanding a man’s worth is always taken for granted, but this is my dedication to you, an appreciative candid.
Takes the swallowing of pride to stroke a man’s ego, but as a woman who is grateful, I owe you this moment.
The outlines of who you are defines how God felt, as He molded you into who you are today, a truly God sent.
The struggles, the hardships, the storms that you’ve faced; the ridicule and envy cannot be replaced
But remember who you are and where it is that you came from, the definition of man is not of many but only of some.
Born from society’s perception that you will never succeed, born from society’s perception that you are a dying breed
You’ve taken that first step to disclaim what you will not be, but yet with determination and strength, you shall supersede.
It’s who you are as a man that has rebuilt my faith, my dedication to a real man as the above states.
My oath and my pledge is, as a woman in raw form, that I will build and uplift every real man that I adore.
I vow to submit and pay much respect, as a woman of God, to balance my temperament
Towards the empowerment of real men, no woman shall be scorned because with God Sends like you, our faith shall always be restored.

Monisa Mason

Dear Jane

Dear Jane (Opposite of a ‘Dear John’ letter)
You know… I’ve tried
My intentions have been known, genuine, and true
I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do
Never to you have I lied
So why am I tossed to the side?
Like shells thrown from your tide
No matter what mood you’re in, low or high
Like I’m not worthy of your space and time…
Time… after time after time…
Just know if you stay, if you stay, stuck on repeat
The last time is coming
Out of here like a record I’ll be skippin’
Through a rolodex I’ll be thumbing
“Return of the Mack” I’ll be humming
While taking my tools and pipe
To look at advertisements for plumbing
And it’s not even about that
But it’s clearly a fact that
The demise to this situation
Was foreshadowed, predictable, forthcoming…
But it was you who came to I
When the problem was with the other guy
So for you to act this way, I shouldn’t be surprised
It’s just… you said a good man is hard to find
That life isn’t a fair, but you keep getting in line
With hopes high, only to end up with cheap gifts
I’m top shelf baby! I wanted to be your prize
Your good morning, day, and night
Not an additional 4 to 9 to your 9 to 5
Look, if you haven’t noticed by now
Our frequency is not congruently designed
I’m forward, you’re rewind
And you’ve gone back so far
That our play is not mentally in present time
We would be like
Benjamin Button and Daisy or Doc and McFly
Confused if we were a bottle of wine, listen…
I’m just being real with you
Because honestly, I don’t know how to feel with you
But what I do know, is that I want to build with you
Not just chill with you
Bake with you in private settings
Not just meet at barbeques to grill with you
So what’s the deal with you?!
You know the number, call me boo
But make it quick, for I can’t make any promises
That by the time you do, that I’ll still come through
Or that if I come through that I’ll still call you boo
Or even out of the blue
On your door I’m knockin’
Just to return your boots…
Just letting you know that I’m open game
Until you leave baggage claim, Woo!
Sorry, I got distracted, caught a dime in my peripheral
I guess I’ll see ya when I see ya
I’ve got a field to view
Darian Fludd—