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Should There Be a Time Limit on Public Assistance? (Audio Discussion)

publicThis is a very touchy subject. I want you to listen to our round table discussion about Public Assistance and if there should be a time limit on it? Click on the link below. Also leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are?
Should There be a time limit on Public Assistance?

Counselor Adrian

Day 2 Men Tips on Relationships

Let her know you are thinking about her, other than just how you’d like to get her into bed that night. This really takes very little effort and costs absolutely nothing but your time.

My man sends me several text messages throughout the day while he’s at work, just to say he’s thinking about me. I find myself really looking forward to these, and if most of the day goes by and I haven’t received one yet, I realize how much I miss them!
One morning, I woke after he was already at work, and when I went into the bathroom to take a shower, there, written on the mirror with a bar of soap, was a message from him. I didn’t clean it for two days!

One day, I was at a poetry reading I had told him I would be attending while he was at work, and he got off work before the reading ended. He actually drove to the parking lot of the bookstore and left me a card under the windshield of my car.

My mother was going to school to get her masters degree several years ago, while she was married to a man, before he passed away, who would leave her a card under the windshield wiper of her car while it was in the parking lot on the first day of each new semester wishing her luck.

These little reminders that your woman is on your mind even when you are not with her will make her feel special and important and they take very little time and effort on your part for such a large payoff in return.

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