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Built for a Purpose

God will always answer the call of his people when they cry out to him, now in this passage of scriptures we see that in the last chapter the Israelites cried out to God from being afflicted by the Pharoah, and now we have god answer and response to this cry. God can do anything that he wants in this earth please understand, but God chosen to limit himself in the form of man. So anytime there is a problem god answers through a man, which brings us to where we are now in this text. Remember that God does everything in seed form, so the answer to this cry has to come in the form of a man but through a baby first that will grow into the man that he needs. Since the King was threatening by the Israelites he ordered to have all the male children killed, this now also included Moses. God will always put person in place to see to it that his plan is properly put into place, so Moses mother in fear that he would be killed his him for three months, and when she felt that she could hide him no longer she took him and put him in the Nile river in hopes of saving his life. Understand that what the devil means for your harm god will mean it for your Good! So while the Pharoah is out to kill all male children and guess who god put in position to save the life of Moses by drawing him out of the River? None other than Pharoah daughter! So the very same man who is trying to kill the promised of God, God is preparing him to be part of the family. Moses was built for a purpose and that purpose was to bring gods people out of Egypt. So here it is Pharoah daughter takes Moses and raises him as her own son because she was led by the spirit of the Lord and she had compassion on the baby so instead of him being killed by Pharoah, he is now in the family and in line to be Pharoah replacement if any of the other sons was to die. The same man that Pharoah set out to kill is actually built for a purpose which is to free his people. When you are built for a purpose Satan will try to destroy, but God will always prepare someone to save his Plan! A lot of us are being attacked by the devil only because we are built for a purpose and if the devil lets us grow into what we were built to do then he would have failed, so he fights with our minds constantly making us think they are inadequate to do the job or fulfill the purpose that he has called us for. As a baby Moses is not the finished product of what he will become, but by the devil constantly trying to devour the young children Moses purpose in life is in jeopardy of not being fulfilled, it takes the faithfulness and obedience of a few in order to pull him out of the River, nurse him and raise him as their own in order for Moses to grow into what God has purposed in his life. When God has a purpose in your life he will not allow anything to get in the way of what he is doing. A man’s life is a waste of he walks the earth and never comes into his own, you can’t live a fulfilling life if you don’t know what you are purposed to do. The grave yard is full of dead bodies that used to possess a talent or even the answer to one of life’s problems that may or may not have been fulfilled. One thing I know about God is that he is a business man and just like every business was man he wants a return on his investment. God would not dare to pull you out of the fire and the dungeon, just to turn you over to the devil, that devil is a list. So think about who you are and what you are and think back over your life and think of all the hell and hot water that you have cause for yourself and think of all things that God has brought you to through. If God wanted you gone then he would have let Pookie and them have you a long time ago, he would have let the jail, or the drugs or the abuse have you, he would have let the devil kill you at birth. What kind of father would save his child from a car wreck just to let them drown in a Pool? God knows you in fact the Bible declares that even before you were in your mother’s womb he had already planned your life and gave you a purpose. What is your purpose in life? What is it that God has been calling you to from the Birth? What has god save you from over and over again? What is he saving you for? Why is he saving you? Are you worth being drawn out of the Water? Are you worth him investing into? Can he depend on you to take your place and save a nation full of lost People? How long will you run from your calling? Will your talent go to Waste? Will you finally fulfill your purpose in Life? You need to stop running because you are built for a Purpose!

Daniel Evans

Are You Ready for Your Mate?

are-you-readyIt is funny how we pray to God and ask him to send us the good mate that we want and when He sends them to us we do not know how to handle it. It’s crazy that we pray about it for months and years and when God answers our prayers we freeze up! We tend to talk ourselves out of our blessings. We say, “Someone cannot be this genuine and no one can be this good to me.” We become “not ready” for it.

Sometimes, we have to put our fears to the side and jump out on faith. If you are dating someone and you are used to being in bad relationships, it is going to be hard to trust the person that is doing everything right. It is something different. We are afraid of what we do not know. If you have had failed relationships over and over, it does not mean this person is going to steal your heart and run too.

From this day forward, if you are dating right now, I want you to put your past behind you and give the next person a clean slate. If he or she is a good person, let them be that to you. Do not ask silly questions like, “Why are you single?” Don’t tell them, “You are dating a bunch of people because you are too good.” It’s possible they are single because they were specially made for you. I know that it is hard for you to just let go and trust that someone will have your best interest but just take it slow and date each other. There is no reason to rush into something. Build that bond with each other. Do not be afraid, because you could possibly push a good thing away and not know it.

Remember to Keep It GC,

Counselor Adrian

Reach One Teach One

Keeping in the spirit of giving back to our community, I live by the philosophy Reach One, Teach One. Children in this world are looking for guidance; whether it is from the media, friends, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, an athlete etc. They want it. Why not let it be from you?!

I love children. I will always make time for the youth of this nation. Children do not ask to be here. We bring them in this world. I am just saddened by the way we are expecting the youth to raise themselves, and then we blame them for wanting to live a life of crime.

I was walking through the subway this morning and watched this little boy, could not have been older than 10 years old, standing about 4ft. 3in. take this ladies wallet out of her bag. Lucky for her, someone saw the little boy stick his hand in her bag and take it. She went through his pockets, took her wallet back, and pushed him on the ground. She was about to whip his little butt, which he probably could have used it, she just gave him a few words then left him alone. It took people a while to realize what happened. Everyone thought he was her child and was just being bad. I was in shock. I went over and talked to him and asked why he did it. He said, “I need to get me and my little brother something to eat.” His little brother was 5 years old. I felt bad for him. I could tell this kid was in survival mode.

This is sad. We are so quick to look at little kids as bad or hard headed. We never take the time to understand them. I was actually late for work this morning because I rode with them to their stop, got off and got them something to eat, then walked them to school. I also gave him my card and told him to call me if he ever needed me.

Do I know if that changed his life? No, but I know that he saw an individual that cared about his well being. As an adult it is my duty to help youth out. I do not have children. I could easily say it is not my problem. If we want a different future we have to play our part in writing it.


Remember to Keep It GC,
Counselor Adrian

Day 1 of 10 Advice to Men on Love and Relationship

Flowers and candy are nice, and occasionally for a special occasion these gifts are always pleasant to receive, but when money is tight, these gifts are frivolous, and flowers die and candy is eaten – and then there is nothing left.

For most women, she truly doesn’t want you to spend a whole lot of money on her to show her you love and care about her. If she does expect you to spend your entire paycheck just to accommodate her – what are you doing with her? She obviously is only in love with your paycheck, not you!
Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t spend money on the woman you love, but intimacy and romance are most definitely NOT tied into how much money you make or spend. So tip number one is to not use money as a crutch for intimacy.

Buying her a bouquet of flowers occasionally, as I said earlier, is perfectly acceptable, but don’t expect a gift you bought with cash to bring about the type of intimacy she needs. Try picking a small bouquet of wildflowers and see how she responds compared to the expensive roses you bought at the store.

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