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Take God Off the Clock

This is a very familiar passage of scriptures here! We have two things happening here that I want to talk about, cause and effect. Jesus was hungry, he saw a fig tree and expected to receive fruit and there was none, being disappointed he cursed the tree and the tree died. Now before we go further we need to first understand who Jesus is and where he came from. Jesus is the son of God and he came to the world to preach the kingdom, and concepts in the kingdom are different than they are in the world. He also knew he was where he came and where he was going, he also had seen it all before and had his father to model it. When we look at Jesus we have to understand that Jesus did not come from here, but from the kingdom which knew no time. The kingdom of God is an everlasting kingdom according to Psalms 145:13 so we see that the kingdom of God does not deal with time and it exist before, during, and after time. People understand and operate according to how they were taught and or raised, so understand his attitude towards the tree. He stepped out of the kingdom where there was no time into a world that is very limited by time, and having understood what his restrictions were in the world, he still operated with a kingdom mindset. When you understand the kingdom of God is uninfluenced by time it makes sense for him to see a fig tree from afar off and seeing leaves for him to expect to receive fruit as well even though it was not the season for figs. We being from earth we understand time and seasons for what they are and we know that fruit comes in seasons so we don’t expect fruit if it is not the season for it, but Jesus cursed the tree for not having fruit because in the kingdom there is always fruit all the time. Now we understand the process of time as it relates to us and that by him cursing to tree then over time the tree would die, but because Jesus is not affected by or deals with time , the very next day when Peter saw the tree he noticed that it had withered and died in a day’s time. So what would have taken hundreds and thousands of years to happen happened the very next day, because in Psalms 1 it tells us that your leaves shall not wither and whatever you do shall prosper, so in the kingdom there is no such thing as a bad day. Now Jesus turned and told Peter to have faith in God, he told him that because whatever God says will come to pass, we know that faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God, so when he spoke to the tree which did not appear to have ears it had to obey the word of God. Your faith has to be in what God has said and not the time you feel should be allowed or the way you think it should happen or how it should happen. As Christians the greatest challenge to our faith is time, because the longer you wait on the promises of God the more opportunity the enemy has to speak to your mind, and began talking you against the promises. Time will cause your faith to waiver if your faith is wrapped up in your emotions, and locked into a timeframe you will have a hard time accepting the things of God and believing what he says all because you have put God on the clock. You already won’t serve God with or give God the time that he has given you, God Lords over time, so he has the power to suspend time and then the power to fast forward time. We have to learn how to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we are not conformed to time but operating with a kingdom mindset. When you pray for things God hears you and he drops it in your tomorrow instantly with no time restrictions, but because we put a time line on it, it always seems to take too long to receive it, so we get arrogant and accuse God and other people of lying just because it didn’t happen in a timeframe and we stop believing in blessing so we stop asking God to move on our behalf. Consider this if 1,000 years is as of a day to God then our 3,6,10 years of you so called waiting on God is a fragment of a sec to God, God has not forgotten about you, you just have to take God off the clock and operate with a kingdom mindset and walk in what you ask God for and receive it in your spirit so that it can manifest in the natural. In closing! Your praise monitors your faith, faith comes by hearing so when God speaks to you and you hear a word from him just respond in praise and see it manifest in your life. When you don’t see God’s promises through the eyes of the kingdom and you look at it through the eyes of time you get frustrated, disconnected, and your faith waivers, just take God off the clock!

Daniel Evans


1212809078UjRwPhReference scriptures (proverbs 24:16-17)
For some of us redemption is hard to do, simply because we as christians have such unforgiving hearts. We love to kick a man while he is down, so to speak and never restore the man back to his original state. Who are we to judge and stand someone’s way of being redeemed. As christians it is our God-given duty to help a just man when he falls from grace. Let me give you the bible, proverbs 24:16-17 says that a just man falleth 7 times and gets back up again. We all fall down, but we get back up again, just don’t get into a habit of falling down, but when you or a fellow believer do fall don’t stay down and don’t let your brother stay down redeem your brother and help them with redemption, because you don’t know when you may be the one that Tripp up and end up on the ground needing someone to help you. A saint is just a sinner who fell down ,but didn’t stay down they got back up. When a just man falls it’s just a temporary slip or fall, but the wicked shall fall into mischief, the mischief is the lack of concern we have when our brothers and sisters fall, the mischief is the backbiting we do on each other when one of us falls, the mischief is the tearing down and the not building up we need to be doing. Whether or not it’s your brother you are watching or an enemy that you watch from a distance rejoice not when your enemy falleth and let not your heart be glad when he stumbleth. That’s another problem that I see in the church, we so jealous of others and some of us gets rejoice within ourselves and we are glad when we see someone who is prosperous and anointed fall and stumble so it’s hard to restore a man when you are glad that they are going through and when they have taken a fall. Also we as People have no problem restoring celebrity figures when they fall, whether it’s R.Kelly in court, Kobe Bryant, or Whitney Houston, we always find it in our hearts to forgive and restore them. When it comes to men of God we then want to be the judge and send our fellow saints to Hell when they fall. Whether it is Eddie Long who has fallen, or even if it is your own local pastor or man of God who has taken a fall you have a duty to restore and redeem them just as you would if they were celebrities. The problem is that when it comes to us we only want people to see the best, but when it comes to others we only can see the worst. I am glad that God is not like us because I have been down and out before, and the only reason that I am still here today, the only reason that I am not dead yet, the only reason that I got out of the prison that I was in, the only reason that I have not lost my mind, my marriage, my family, is not because I am so good and righteous and holy, in fact my life is still ragged, I am not worthy to do anything in God’s kingdom, but it’s not me, not because of my works, but only because God saw the best in me when everyone else around me could only see the worst in me. If it had not been for the Lord that was on my side I don’t know where I would be. Tha’ts what I like about God despite all you do that is wrong and sinful he will always see the best in you, because he knows what’s inside of you and he wants to see it come out. Be not deceived it’s hard to stumble when you are on your knees and on your knees is where God wants us, on our knees praying. Find comfort in knowing that if God has humbled you then he knows your strength, he knows what you can and can’t bear. On your knees is the safety place to be, because once you are down the only way to go from there is up. Amen!

Daniel Evans

God Has Your Back

keep-calm-because-god-has-your-backWhen times get hard, and you seem to be on your last dime, God seems to always make a way. No matter where the money comes from it always seem to show up right on time. God loves you and he has your back. God wants the best for you. God does not want us to be homeless or without the necessities of life. If you make the effort he will always make sure that one of those doors that you have will open the door and let you in.

God has never left me nor forsaken me. I know there were times that I just wanted to die and not live anymore. I wanted life to end. I am here to tell you that it only rains for a little bit. When you come through that storm I promise you will be so much better. I am here to tell you. God carries everything that I do. He is my Alpha and Omega. I look at where my life came from there was no way I am suppose to be in the position that I am in. The scary thing is that God is not done with me yet!

Look over your life there were times when you felt you had nothing else to give. No reason to keep moving on. But God showed up and showed out. It does not matter the cards you were dealt. It is all on how you play those cards. Trust and believe in God and he will see you through. He always will.

Remember to Keep it GC,

Counselor Adrian

New Author Leslie Saint-Julien

Adrian: Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Leslie: Well, my name is Leslie Saint-Julien. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My parents emigrated to the U.S. from Haiti, so I am half Haitian and American. I have one older sister who I look up to dearly. I am happily single and do not have any children yet. I am extremely proud of where I am from and of my cultural roots. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love to “rep my city” and “my island”! I currently reside in Maryland where I went to college and this is also the state where my faith has grown. So, I now “rep my alma mater” the University of Maryland! Go Terps! –And, I “rep Jesus Christ”! I am an extreme extrovert in spirit yet also extremely introverted and private at heart. What I mean by that, is, I deeply desire to connect with all people and it is my natural spirit that allows me to do so, yet my heart is extremely reserved and I do not always know how to handle much attention. So, I choose to be private most of the time. I’ve been secretly working on my book for six years. It took a long time for me to decide to let the world in on my most personal thoughts. I take so much pride in everything I do, from the most miniscule project to the most grandeurs work. I am a perfectionist, so I take time and extra care to complete things. I have a deep passion to lead young people into a positive direction. I remember being young and it was the best time of my life. I want to help shape the lives of young people in a way that will be unforgettable to them! You only get one chance to be young and many of the youth today are not able to have the same opportunities. My hope is to open my doors to inner city youth to create a space for them to grow and enjoy the best moments of their lives.

Adrian: What is the title of your book?

Leslie: The title of my book is called More Than Me: A Compilation of Poetry, Thoughts and Songs. It is titled such because I cannot take credit for the gifts that are released in this book. It is more than me that writes these pages, it is and must be God.

Adrian: What is your book about?

Leslie: My book is a collection of writings about the experiences I have endured in my love relationships, encounters that left lasting impressions on my heart, and I express my deep beliefs on life and my love for God and my relationship with Him. You will learn of the pride of my cultural roots and of the love I have for those dear to me. Overall, this is a collection of poetic thoughts painted in rhythmic tones filled with emotion and courage.

Adrian: What inspired you to write your book?

Leslie: I have been writing music and poetry since I was 12 years old. I have always written my inspirations down in so many places, from notebooks, shoe box lids, paper bags, loose pieces of paper, on my computer and where eve I can write. I continued this way all the way through college and ended up losing many of my greatest pieces. In 2007, I decided I wanted to preserve my work and have a documented legacy to leave behind for my family and for my future children. Writing is the most personal time I spend with myself and where I have the most confidence. Confidence is not something I display daily. Writing is also a way for me to respond to the many events that I endure in life and situations that I encounter. My poetry is therapeutic for me and helps me to release my emotions. I felt like it was time for me to finally be outwardly confident in the most profound way to help me with my own esteem and help inspire others around me to follow their heart and be confident in life as well. God spoke to me, and told me it was time. So I started to gather my writings and plan for the book in October of 2007.

Adrian: What do you want to accomplish with your book?

Leslie: I hope to touch the hearts of people.

Adrian: What else do you have going on beside the book?

Leslie: Besides the book, I am building a house for young people ages pre-teen to teen where they can visit daily and gain emotional support as they journey through life. This house will be a true home and I hope that young people will come to learn how to maintain high self-esteem and be encouraged to follow their dreams. I want to teach children to be great, because they are! I want young people to strive for the best and expect nothing less. If you have high hopes, you can achieve great things.

Adrian: Is this a nonprofit organization?

Leslie: Yes, my house for youth will be established as a non-profit entity.

Adrian: Will you be writing another book?

Leslie: I have already begun writing my second book! I am being compelled to do so. It will be a book of fiction. I hope to have it written before the end of this year. What I want readers to take away from my writings is to recognize my emotional strength and courage. Hopefully, my writings will help people cope with their emotional challenges in life.

Adrian: Is there anything else that you are involved in?

Leslie: I have a full plate right now with work and school work as I complete my M.B.A. and continue my law school pursuit. God has also placed it on my heart to seek a Master of Divinity in Theological Studies. So, I will be involved in school for a while! Simultaneously, I will continue to be available for motivational speaking engagements and women’s empowerment seminars. I participate in local events that support women’s health, women’s empowerment, youth empowerment, and spiritual health. I am a member of Ebenezer A.M.E. in Ft. Washington, MD.

Adrian: Everyone go and get that book! I just want thank you for your time and Remember to Always Keep It GC!

I Have a Praying Mother

My mother is a true blessing to me. God laid it on my heart to share this story with everyone and I guess if I can help someone by sharing my journey that is all I care about. I grew up in church and I mean, I was at church at least three times a week. I hated it like most children did but I just did not know that this foundation was gearing me up for something I still do not clearly understand today. When I was at my lowest point in my life, I took things out on my mother. We tend to take things out on the people that are the closest to our hearts. I stopped believing in God and there was nothing that anyone could say to me or tell me to do in relation to God. I became angry and very bitter. I disrespected my mother so badly with my tongue. I am emotional writing this story because my mother loved me with all her heart and wanted the best for me but I did not see it. She would always tell me that she was praying for my cold heart and for God to deliver me from such a negative spirit. It would make me even more upset when she would say she was going to pray for me. I did not believe in God anymore. I asked her “What can He do for me; for us? We come from nothing and God does not care about me or you.” She never said anything more than “I am praying for you son.”

I would go months without talking to her. Everything that came out of her mouth made me upset. It was always about God. I just wanted to die. I was suffering from depression. My mother was praying that spirit out of me. My mother was trying to help me but I did not want it. My mother was so patient with me; she never yelled at me during this time or got mad. She just prayed for me. She told me I was one of God’s children and said “Adrian, believe me when I say everything that you are going through, there is a reason. Believe me, you might not understand now but you will one day.” She told me that I would have a story to tell that will help someone, through their problems.

I was looking for love and it was right in front of me. Jesus did love me and He never left me. I left him. I turned my back on God, but I had a praying mother that knew I would only stray so far before I found my way back. She believed in me. She knew I was a King’s child and never said anything else.

The love my mother gave me and instilled in my heart is a blessing. I was in a dark place and she could have gone-off on me, and wrote me off; but she knew what to do. I love her so much for that. Now, she tells me that she is so proud of the man that I have become. She always tells me that I am going to do great things. I hope I marry a woman half as good as my mother because she is truly a ride or die chick, lol. I cannot wait to go home and get some of her lovely cooking. You know what; I think it is time I cook for you! I love you ma, you are the best mother ever!

Adrian Taylor