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Can I Tell You Something


Can I tell you something?
I mean I gotta get this off my chest, see…
I met this girl yo…and I’m saying tho,
she gotta be the one for me,
And She so puuurrrty,
sometimes I find myself blowing kisses at her shadow
…if she’d cast one…
cuz the only thing brighter than her is the sun,
and i dnt even know about all that cuz its HER that makes everything on me grow…ya know *wink*…
and I know, I ain’t solar powered, just a coward to tell you—-I mean her,
that If she really is a star then I’m her only planet…granted I just met you yesterday…
or at least it seems like about one full rotation since He first planted your seed in my soil
that grew to bear such an unconditional fruit.
not that forbidden fruit that Eve was slinging,
but that for living, my Cherry amor fruit that Steve was singing.
Every day you bringing… me joy…I did say “she” right?
Oh and did I mention SHE write???
mannnnn she wrote me this song about brushing my hair and puttin my du-rag on…
yea beyonce was singing it but that had to be my baby song,
I mean she caters to my ever loving needs…right or wrong!
I dnt even gotta ask…I just be smilin’,
cuz what I think she think and what she think I think, it’s like our souls are N’sync…
Justin…case we Neva made it past today,
the dime in yo face, that damn in yo waist and the depth in the space between em cute little ear you got, gave me my life’s purpose and the summit to my base…I mean she…
Funny thing is God told me he was gone change my life soon as I got up from under those covers, but I ain’t think she was gone be the change to make me wanna change others…
turn haters into lovers, enemies into brothers, and by any means, one way or another, i’ma have you…I mean her…
I swear if I could sing…I’d Usher her down the isle,
and if i could dance I’d never Chris Brown or Black her eye
and if I could litigate I’d mitigate the possibility of ever being acquitted…
I love this girl…it’s the best feeling in the world and I cant even admit it…because at the end of the day, what can the sand really tell the ocean…eroding the safety of my sures and maybes…
Like the moon and the tide, we are tied
In constant connection but our paths never collide
Bringing stabilty to the constant waves of emotion…
So can i tell u something, i can no longer hide
In you is a home where my love does reside

Jamel Holloman

My Weakness

weaknessAint nothing like music to set the mood…

I’m sittin here listenin to some tunes

My intensions… to think about you

It’s … just something that I do…

I can’t help myself

My thoughts, dreams, fantasies, you consume…

Reality… you allow me to escape from

Even when you’re sittin next to me

Now aint that somn’

I know … I know… I aint right

You talkin to meeee, I’m lookin you in the eyyyyeee

“Yeah … uhhu… okay…”

I’m nodding to show I’m listening

But you sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher

My mind is on last night…

Trying to find a way to repeat it tonight

Shawty… you lookin right

Excuse me if I bite

Shawty… you lookin ripe

Yes … even in that blouse I don’t like

In any garment you’re a beam of beautiful hues and light

Your smile, sexy and bright, a blessing to my sight

You elevate me…I just want to take you on a flight

Of emotions, thoughts, and feelings

You could probably never truly handle or comprehend

In my peripheral I can still spot a 10

I’m just one man with the thoughts of many men

Baby back, baby back, you got it

I could eat a plate full of them

But I’m God designed, I’m satisfied with just one rib

You’re the only one that can weaken me with just one kiss

I caint sing, but for you I will serenade with notes I caint hit

All I do is this, but I will move my two left feet to the right

And back again just to align with the rhythm of your hips

When your song comes on and you shout “that’s myyy isshhh!”

Yeahhh… I dip … when you dip

And regardless if we’re assisted by a couple of sips

I’m already intoxicated by the sheer bliss in our relationship

My apologies for a one track mind

In all seriousness it’s hard to be serious

I’m teen wolf all grown up

But the urge is still there and the moon is a full as your lips…

You’re my temptation… my weakness yet..

My greatest strength


(c) 20130617

A Minute

Within a minute of time
A baby takes its first steps, and pictures are taken
A little boy no longer wants to be like daddy
He’d rather be a superhero that saves the nation
Teenagers are peer pressured
And want to know what it’s like to inhale
What it’s like to turn up a bottle
What it’s like to be with opposite sex, unwatched and naked
A young adult finds out how hard reality is
And his or her own life….they take control of it…or take it

A homeless man makes a sign for food

For he doesn’t even have enough money

To make noise if he were to put it in a can and shake it
An elderly person’s body is aching
A college student skips a party for education
A master sergeant retires and finds a new source of inspiration

Within a minute of time a kid is picked on and beat up
Within that same minute an adult remembers

What that was like, and laughs about it
While he kicks his feet up

On his desk in his big corner office
Within a minute of time, a young girl is yelling at a man
Screaming at the top of her lungs…Stop It!
A young man is told by police to Drop It!
Within a minute of time
You and I read it in the papers, a young man was shot
By the police when he reached for his wallet

And in the next minute racial profiling is what the experts called it
Within a minute of time

Someone experiences happiness and acceptance
While another may feel disappointed and neglected
An OG takes a minute to think about the old days

For just a minute ago by some youngin’ he was disrespected

Within a minute of time
Somebody is born and somebody dies
Within a minute of time, one politician tells the truth

While another one lies

A soldier, for his or her country, sacrifices their life

An atheist finds Christ
A man and a woman find that their soul mates in life
While an elderly widow lays next to a picture frame

Just to get her through the night…

Within a minute of time …

The answer could be wrong or right

The situation could be pretty and nice or cold as ice

The time silent and peaceful

Or rushed as if one was about to miss their flight

Within in a minute… what happens…. Is life…
Darian-© 2006