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It’s Not Me

Have you ever been doing things that were wrong and not having no feelings of what you
were doing and no way to Stop? And during that time have you had to stop and ask yourself why
am I doing this? Or what is going on with Me? well in these scriptures here we find that Paul is
going through something similar himself. Paul has come to a dilemma within himself much like
most of us in our everyday life. He is struggling with the war within himself, his flesh is fighting
against his spirit. We are all carnal sold under sin, but the law is spiritual, see right the is the first
dilemma trying to live out a spiritual law in a carnal body. Just like oil and water don’t mix carnality
and spiritual laws don’t mix. When you have an environment like this you deal with things that
you may not understand, (verse 15 for that which I do I allow not), now how is this Possible?
what he is saying is that what he does, the things that he is doing, he allows not, then that’s
almost like he is in a trans or he is being controlled by another force. Now his body is fighting him
doing the things that he does not allow it to do, ,then he say the things that I would that I do not,
now he is fighting his body trying to get his mind and body to do what he wants and need it to do,
(the good things) , and the things that I hate (the bad things), that is what I end up doing. What is
it that has the man of God doing these Things? Well when you are doing the will of God there is
always evil present putting pressure on you to do the wrong thing. When you are in a bad state
you are in a trans like a puppet on a string wandering aimlessly out of the will of God. He is in a
spiritual tug of War from within and he has this struggle daily, and that’s why we have to ask for
forgiveness daily we need to be renewed constantly from minute to minute hour to hour and from
day to day. We can’t just walk around aimlessly without getting ourselves together. Verse 16
goes on to say that if I am doing the things that I would not then I consent it under the law that it is
good, but now that is one of the tricks of the devil, and making you think or feel that just because
you a mighty man of God or you are called to do a thing that when you Tripp up that if you do it it
must be good under the law. Also just because you have a good heart to do good it is not OK.
God don’t judge you by your intentions, and but he judges by your actions. Verse 17 goes to
conclude that (it’s not Me!) somebody say it’s not Me! Now then it is no more that I , but the sin
that dwelled in me, the conclusion is that if I am doing the will of God and I am trying to do good
then it must not be me doing these things but the sin on the inside of me, because my heart is
good, but my motives are good, but my actions don’t reflect, so what are you saying man of
God? What I am saying is This! You have to put on the whole armor of God so that you will be
able to stand against the wiles of the devil and having that being said you also have to stay
prayed up at all times because the devil is out there tempting your flesh, and he knows what you
like so he does what he know to trip you up. Having being a spiritual being, trapped inside this
earthly vessel there is always a war going on inside you, and how to perform that which is good I
find not. In my flesh dwelled no good things, It is hard to get your sinful body to perform good
deeds(verse 18). In closing we find that when you do well for God there is always evil present
inside of you even when you delight in the law of God and the devil tries to use sin to bring you in
captivity in your mind by constantly trying to bring you down the road to destruction!

Daniel Evans