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I remember when I had my first boyfriend in high school.  Oh man. was I ‘in love’!  I went to his basketball and football games when I could.  We’d talk on the phone because our houses were on two different sides of the city and neither one of us drove.  He bought me candy bars and cheese steak subs and told me that he ‘loved me’… and I ‘loved’ him too!  We would go on hot dates: meeting up at high school parties to see each other!  Man, young love is awesome!  No ‘real’ clue to what loving relationships could ‘really’ be, but it is fun while it lasts… the way YOU know it to be.  

All was fine for months… and then, it happened.  I guess my calls were too much and he wanted to explore his options.  One call, a very awkward call, included the words, “I QUIT YOU!”.  He said it over the phone, in my ear… not over Twitter, Facebook, or text… it was durn near, face-to-face! (Kinda… not really).  I was shocked and hurt!  I asked, “Why?” and he said, “I just have to.”  Well, what was I going to say to that?!?!  Nothing, because ‘he just had to’.  After a few tears and wondering, “Why?”, it was over.  It didn’t resurface; it was a done deal.

Most motivational speakers will say, “Don’t Quit!” or “Don’t Give Up!”  True and I have said it myself, but, in this blog, I say, “QUIT”!!  That’s right, “GIVE UP!”  

To your lack of motivation, say, “I QUIT YOU!”
To giving up on your dreams, say, “I QUIT YOU!”
To the negativity that you face, say, “I GIVE UP!”
To the naysayers, say, “I WANT NO PARTS OF YOU!”
To the hurt, guilt, shame, despair, depression, I want you to SCREAM: “I…QUIT… YOU!”


AND MEAN IT because you just have to!!

That’s it.  *drops the mic; exits stage left*

Dr. Janice (‘Jai’) Armstrong

CEO, LiHK Consulting, LLC


These past couple of days have wreaked havoc on my brain!!  I have been thinking about my next steps and made decisions based on my gut that I truly feel has been best for me.  By brain was going through a mental spiral, causing for later nights, awakened by stress and worry.  I reached out for a listening ear and a kind word and realized, that is NOT what I needed to hear.  “Tell me like it is…” and one of my best friends did!  That best friend’s name, for me, is “Mommy”.  Mommy simply stated, “Um, you’re doing too much!”  My immediate response was, “No, I am not!”  *pause*  “I have so much to do and I just need to find ways to get it done!”  She replied, “Ok, so you said, “you are not doing ‘too’ much” and then you tell me that “you have so much to do”.  Again, *pause*.  A dead silence as an admission that I was called out!  Then a friend of mine confirmed that, yes, I am trying to do too much.  So essentially, I had to admit, that I was doing too much!

For me, I am a pretty, even-tempered person, until I get stressed out and my words and tone are that of pure frustration.  Others recognize it, but I brush it off, which has been my challenge.  In my mind, after all that I tend to juggle at one time, there is no such thing as ‘too much’; in my world, “it is what it is” and “you do what you gotta do”!  I preach a good word to those who want to hear it, but sometimes, I am not the ‘doer’ of my own advice.  

So what do I do when things get like this?  Like a computer that has stalled on a page, I hit my own ‘refresh’ button.  I start again.  When you hit the refresh button, you don’t necessarily go ALL the way back to the first log on page to access EVERYTHING again, you simply see the page just before, checking that particular area with better focus.  No, I don’t desire to start ALL over again with what I have accomplished thus far; there is no need, but what I have learned is to push the refresh button to determine what has caused my uncertainty, change in pursuit, or stress and make a change.  My page still remains but the content has changed.

Don’t be afraid to start again; you don’t always need a dramatic ‘fresh start’, but refreshment is just as satisfying.  Want to be your best?  REFRESH!

Dr. Janice (‘Jai’) ArmstrongCEO,
LiHK Consulting, LLC


To thrive is to become ‘strong’ and to ‘flourish’!! We feel joy when we overcome the challenges that may be presented as we move toward our ultimate goals!! When we continue to pursue our dreams, goals and aspirations, it makes sense to actually expect the unexpected! If it doesn’t happen, great! You move forward with ease; however, when challenges do arise, you can approach them with the expectation that THEY WON’T LAST!! You have to have the drive to thrive!!
Think about a flower in the Spring: it buds; it flourishes; and continues to grow. Despite the rain, the storms, the challenges of the elements, the bug infestations, etc, the flower has a game plan… it grows new leaves and pedals. It moves itself toward the sun and stretches to gain as much nourishment and power so that it can continue to flourish. Some flowers can produce other buds so when the main flower is ‘taken down’, the ‘legacy’ flowers still remain! Flowers grow in a deep foundation; they are well-rooted! Their strength to ‘live’ allows them the flourish and so THEY THRIVE!!

There are many stories I can tell about my desire to thrive. I have lived a challenged life that, in retrospect, I created for myself!! Were there motives? Yes, but the ability for those motives to take control of my life was MY doing! The consequences were felt tremendously and when I desired not to feel the ‘pimp slap’ of a trying life any longer; I yelled at it and made MY choice to thrive!!!

Do you have a game plan? When life presents the ‘preview’ of its challenges, are you setting things up so that you can handle its ‘debut’? To whom will you stretch toward to gain YOUR power!?!? Tell yourself that you are on this Earth for a unique purpose; tell yourself that you want to LIVE out that purpose. Put it out there…into the universe and say, “Help me GET TO my purpose!” Pray, plan, implement, move, live, flourish, andTHRIVE!

~ Dr. Jai, the leading lady (www.lihkleaders.com)
“Discover what you LiHK; Become who you Love!”