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It’s Not Me

Have you ever been doing things that were wrong and not having no feelings of what you
were doing and no way to Stop? And during that time have you had to stop and ask yourself why
am I doing this? Or what is going on with Me? well in these scriptures here we find that Paul is
going through something similar himself. Paul has come to a dilemma within himself much like
most of us in our everyday life. He is struggling with the war within himself, his flesh is fighting
against his spirit. We are all carnal sold under sin, but the law is spiritual, see right the is the first
dilemma trying to live out a spiritual law in a carnal body. Just like oil and water don’t mix carnality
and spiritual laws don’t mix. When you have an environment like this you deal with things that
you may not understand, (verse 15 for that which I do I allow not), now how is this Possible?
what he is saying is that what he does, the things that he is doing, he allows not, then that’s
almost like he is in a trans or he is being controlled by another force. Now his body is fighting him
doing the things that he does not allow it to do, ,then he say the things that I would that I do not,
now he is fighting his body trying to get his mind and body to do what he wants and need it to do,
(the good things) , and the things that I hate (the bad things), that is what I end up doing. What is
it that has the man of God doing these Things? Well when you are doing the will of God there is
always evil present putting pressure on you to do the wrong thing. When you are in a bad state
you are in a trans like a puppet on a string wandering aimlessly out of the will of God. He is in a
spiritual tug of War from within and he has this struggle daily, and that’s why we have to ask for
forgiveness daily we need to be renewed constantly from minute to minute hour to hour and from
day to day. We can’t just walk around aimlessly without getting ourselves together. Verse 16
goes on to say that if I am doing the things that I would not then I consent it under the law that it is
good, but now that is one of the tricks of the devil, and making you think or feel that just because
you a mighty man of God or you are called to do a thing that when you Tripp up that if you do it it
must be good under the law. Also just because you have a good heart to do good it is not OK.
God don’t judge you by your intentions, and but he judges by your actions. Verse 17 goes to
conclude that (it’s not Me!) somebody say it’s not Me! Now then it is no more that I , but the sin
that dwelled in me, the conclusion is that if I am doing the will of God and I am trying to do good
then it must not be me doing these things but the sin on the inside of me, because my heart is
good, but my motives are good, but my actions don’t reflect, so what are you saying man of
God? What I am saying is This! You have to put on the whole armor of God so that you will be
able to stand against the wiles of the devil and having that being said you also have to stay
prayed up at all times because the devil is out there tempting your flesh, and he knows what you
like so he does what he know to trip you up. Having being a spiritual being, trapped inside this
earthly vessel there is always a war going on inside you, and how to perform that which is good I
find not. In my flesh dwelled no good things, It is hard to get your sinful body to perform good
deeds(verse 18). In closing we find that when you do well for God there is always evil present
inside of you even when you delight in the law of God and the devil tries to use sin to bring you in
captivity in your mind by constantly trying to bring you down the road to destruction!

Daniel Evans

Take God Off the Clock

This is a very familiar passage of scriptures here! We have two things happening here that I want to talk about, cause and effect. Jesus was hungry, he saw a fig tree and expected to receive fruit and there was none, being disappointed he cursed the tree and the tree died. Now before we go further we need to first understand who Jesus is and where he came from. Jesus is the son of God and he came to the world to preach the kingdom, and concepts in the kingdom are different than they are in the world. He also knew he was where he came and where he was going, he also had seen it all before and had his father to model it. When we look at Jesus we have to understand that Jesus did not come from here, but from the kingdom which knew no time. The kingdom of God is an everlasting kingdom according to Psalms 145:13 so we see that the kingdom of God does not deal with time and it exist before, during, and after time. People understand and operate according to how they were taught and or raised, so understand his attitude towards the tree. He stepped out of the kingdom where there was no time into a world that is very limited by time, and having understood what his restrictions were in the world, he still operated with a kingdom mindset. When you understand the kingdom of God is uninfluenced by time it makes sense for him to see a fig tree from afar off and seeing leaves for him to expect to receive fruit as well even though it was not the season for figs. We being from earth we understand time and seasons for what they are and we know that fruit comes in seasons so we don’t expect fruit if it is not the season for it, but Jesus cursed the tree for not having fruit because in the kingdom there is always fruit all the time. Now we understand the process of time as it relates to us and that by him cursing to tree then over time the tree would die, but because Jesus is not affected by or deals with time , the very next day when Peter saw the tree he noticed that it had withered and died in a day’s time. So what would have taken hundreds and thousands of years to happen happened the very next day, because in Psalms 1 it tells us that your leaves shall not wither and whatever you do shall prosper, so in the kingdom there is no such thing as a bad day. Now Jesus turned and told Peter to have faith in God, he told him that because whatever God says will come to pass, we know that faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God, so when he spoke to the tree which did not appear to have ears it had to obey the word of God. Your faith has to be in what God has said and not the time you feel should be allowed or the way you think it should happen or how it should happen. As Christians the greatest challenge to our faith is time, because the longer you wait on the promises of God the more opportunity the enemy has to speak to your mind, and began talking you against the promises. Time will cause your faith to waiver if your faith is wrapped up in your emotions, and locked into a timeframe you will have a hard time accepting the things of God and believing what he says all because you have put God on the clock. You already won’t serve God with or give God the time that he has given you, God Lords over time, so he has the power to suspend time and then the power to fast forward time. We have to learn how to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we are not conformed to time but operating with a kingdom mindset. When you pray for things God hears you and he drops it in your tomorrow instantly with no time restrictions, but because we put a time line on it, it always seems to take too long to receive it, so we get arrogant and accuse God and other people of lying just because it didn’t happen in a timeframe and we stop believing in blessing so we stop asking God to move on our behalf. Consider this if 1,000 years is as of a day to God then our 3,6,10 years of you so called waiting on God is a fragment of a sec to God, God has not forgotten about you, you just have to take God off the clock and operate with a kingdom mindset and walk in what you ask God for and receive it in your spirit so that it can manifest in the natural. In closing! Your praise monitors your faith, faith comes by hearing so when God speaks to you and you hear a word from him just respond in praise and see it manifest in your life. When you don’t see God’s promises through the eyes of the kingdom and you look at it through the eyes of time you get frustrated, disconnected, and your faith waivers, just take God off the clock!

Daniel Evans

Can You Stand to be Blessed!

Often times we as Christians always want to be blessed above what we can handle. Please understand that God is not crazy and he will not bless you above what you can handle. When it comes to the things of God you don’t get what you study for, you don’t even get what you think you deserve, you only get what you can handle and manage. So if you have been asking God to take you to a certain level in your life and you haven’t received it yet then quit praying and asking God to take you higher, just simply ask him to help you manage and master your life on your current level. Let me break it down for you! If you are already having money issues now, living from check to check, plus you are not tithing, understand that God will not bless you with money if you can’t handle the little that you have. The Bible says that if you are faithful over the few I will make you ruler over the many. So until you learn how to manage things on your present level promotion will never come your way. The bible says that God will not put more on you than you can bare, most people think that’s only talking about heartache, but it is also talking about blessings as well, he will not bless you above what you can handle. What is meant for a blessing if it is mishandled could become a burden or a curse. Why would God bless you with another child if you are barely taking care of the one that you have? Why would he promote you on your job if you are barely handling your current workload? Why would he bless you with more money only knowing that you will create more debt and you will dig yourself into a deeper hole? God will not continue to add to a unfruitful lifestyle that you are already in, and continue to ask for more and more Help? So the question is can you stand to be blessed? Can you stand for God to take you Higher? Are you doing what it takes at your current level for God to be able to trust you with more? The truth is that devil is not blocking your blessings, you are blocking your own blessing by not being a good steward over what you already have. Even grandma told us as a child to waste not, want not! So if you are wasting the things that God has provided for you, how do you ever expect for God to take you to the next level?

Daniel Evans

The Lord is my Shepherd!

1212809078UjRwPh(Psalms 23)
When it comes to sheep herding there is a difference between a hireling and a shepherd!
The hireling only does the job because he gets paid, but the shepherd has an obligation of even if
he does not get paid he has a job to do. Now a shepherd will give his life for one sheep, but the
hireling would give a sheep for his life. Jesus said he was the Good Shepherd that would give his
life for his sheep, now let’s talk about this shepherd. In Psalms 23 David says that the Lord is my
shepherd I shall not want, now you must understand the sheep and how God created them. The sheep is one of only animals that God created without a defense mechanism so the sheep whole entire existence is solely dependent upon the shepherd they can’t do anything on their own.
God created us to be solely dependent on him that why in the Bible he references himself as
being the shepherd ands us being the sheep, it’s when we step outside the will of God and try to
do things on our own is when we make a bigger mess of things. God knows what we need and
he has all of our needs taken care of as long as we are in his will. The Bible tells us that he will
supply all of our needs according to the riches in Christ Jesus, so we don’t have to want for
nothing, we belong to him! He maketh me lie down in green pastures! Because to sheep is
solely dependent upon the shepherd, the sheep has to be made to do everything. Let me help
you understand it! While the sheep are sleeping the shepherd has to go out to find a place for the
sheep to graze and once they get there he has to move them when they have eating enough
from that field, because the sheep don’t when to stop ,and if you let them they will eat the grass
down to the seed. God also does that with us when he decides to feed us from a certain field for
a season and then moves us along the way because we don’t know when enough is enough,
and the Bible calls gluttony a sin. The sheep also have no way of knowing when it is time to lay
down and some will stand too long until the point of death, so the shepherd has to make them lay
down ,and the way he does that is by breaking the sheep legs. Notice the scriptures says in
green pastures ,which means the good shepherd will not put his sheep in harm’s way, and
neither will God. By understanding this you will understand that when God is trying to move you
and get you to lay down and ignore him he will allow us to be put in situation that will make us lay
down. Example! If you are running in the streets and running from God and God is calling you
trying to get your attention and he can’t seem to get hold of you then what he may allow happen
to you is a sickness to come upon you or a minor accident or even a death to occur just to sit
you down long enough to hear his voice. He will only break your legs from under you to make
you lay down in the green pastures so that you will be safe and out of harm’s way. God has
invested so much in us and in his chosen people and he will protect his investment at all cost,
even if it means having you thrown in jail in the “green pastures” away from the harmful world.
We sometimes need to be saved from ourselves and the good shepherd will do his job not to
lose a single sheep even if he has to die for them. The scripture goes on to say “he leads me
besides the still waters” now the sheep can’t drink from a fast moving stream of water or else
they will drown trying to drink, so the shepherd will make sure that when they are ready to drink
that he will make sure that the waters are safe for them to drink from. When you look at the world
as a fast flowing stream with all the chaotic things going on some of us are not able to keep up
and in reference end up drowning trying to drink. God gives us pastors after his own heart and he
will lead you to places where he knows that you will be able to prosper, a place that is on your
level. Let me ask you this! Have you ever been in a place where it seemed as if they were
moving so fast or in a situation ,or relationship that they was moving so fast that you felt
overwhelmed? God has to take you and scale things back a bit so that you won’t drown trying to
hear his voice. The shepherd will never put his sheep in harm’s way and expect them to drink
from a fast flowing stream, so he will lead them besides the still waters, for them to drink instead
of drowning their thirst. God has to lead some of his sheep in very still waters like prison so that
not only they can drink but grow as well instead of drowning in the fast moving world. He restores
my soul ! God knows that it takes energy just exist in this world with all of the sin that is in it and trying to live right takes a toll on you and at times we get weary and our soul gets tired, but God is saying that when your soul gets tired I will restore your soul, that lets me know that whatever energy, or power that is drained from me by doing his will ,he is the good shepherd to restore and replenish back to. In order to get a refill you have to be first empty. He leads me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake ! When God has given us a route to follow, he will not just send us out bind, he has already walked the path that he gave us and has taken out everything that would harm you, and left the things that will help grow you. You are not walking alone God is leading you through, meaning he is in front of you ,not to the side or behind but he is leading you through, and who better to follow through a path other than the one who has already completed the course? Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil! The reason why we don’t have to fear in the valley of death is because once again we have a good shepherd and as long he is with us we don’t have to worry because he has never and will never
lose a sheep. He will not allow anything to happen to you even in the presence of evil. Have faith
in God , and have no fear because fear is of the devil, the Bible says that perfect love cast out all fear. It’s almost like me! When I am walking my dogs, because of what kind of dogs I have and
their protective nature I am not afraid of other dogs or animals in the neighborhood . I walk my
two dogs on a leash and I walk with a boldness that I know that if anybody, anything ,or any dog
tries to run up on me I know that the two of them will attack and devour the opposition. That
should be our attitude with the Holy Spirit and while walking with God that he will not allow
anything to happen to us. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me! God is the only thing that can
comfort you, people try to use alcohol, sex and drugs to comfort them and they are only trying to
fill a void in their life that only God can fill, so they continue to look for things to ease their mind and soothe their souls. The Lord is your shepherd and all of your help comes from him even your
comfort! Just as the good shepherd will cater to and nourish and comfort the sheep when they
are lost and found again The Lord God will do the same for us if we let him. Now this next part is
very important for you understand why being with God is so important ! He prepare a table for
me in the presence of my enemies! The Bible says that this battle is not yours it is the Lord’s, so
whatever enemy comes before you God will deal with your enemies better than you ever imagine, just let him have it and see won’t he show up and shown out in your life. Also him preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies simply means that he will make your enemies your footstool ,and a footstool is something you use to reach a higher height. God literally wants to use your enemies to bless you and step you up to another level. That’s only if you hold on and stay in character, don’t get outside of his will God will keep your enemies around long enough for them to see him bless you. That why the Bible says to pray for the people who mistreat and use you ,because God wants them to see his glory in your life and when they do you wrong he will allow them to stay alive and all just so he can bring them back before you so he can let them see the favor and blessings in your life. he anoint my head with oil, my cup runneth over, surely goodness and mercy shall follow all the days of my life ,and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever! In closing! When God anoints your head with oil and places a calling on your life , he will bless you in ways you can’t believe or receive, the bible says that “I will open up the floodgates of heaven and pour you out a blessing that you don’t have room to receive” your cup running over is just that ! God pouring out a blessing that you don’t have room to receive. Understand that the anointing comes with a price ! you have to sacrifice for it, but God will give you double blessings for your sacrifice. When you are walking with God and you are in his will he will give you rest from your enemies and goodness and mercy shall follow you all of your days, God will just have his favor follow you, everywhere you go and everything you do God will bless it and you will prosper. These are just the French benefits of letting the Lord lead you instead of trying to do things on your own. God loves you and he wants to provide a life of peace and prosperity for you where you will never have you worry about where you going to eat, drink or live ,never have to worry about your enemies, that why to bible tells us to cast all of our cares on him for he cares for us, he wants to be your everything. The ultimate reward is to dwell in the house and be with God forever which what we all are striving or should be striving to do in the first place , all you have you do is to give up yourself and become a true sheep who leans and depends totally on God. May God bless you!

Daniel Evans

The Devil Wants to Kill What He is Afraid of!

The devil hates what God loves which means he hates mankind and every since he was cast out of heaven to the earth his primary mission has been to seek kill, and destroy. He hates man because what man represents, he is also afraid of man, and he knows that one can chase a thousands and two can put 10 thousand to flight. The devil knows that if he wants to kill the man he has to kill the manchild because if the male child grows up to be a man then he knows that he is in trouble. What the devil does is try to kill the male at birth so that the potential to grow into a man is eliminated. In this text that is exactly what he tried to do, because pharaoh could not afflict the Israelites and because God continue to prosper them he ordered to have every male child killed. How many of you know that the devil don’t have power he only has permission, and he can only do what you allow him to do. The Pharaoh put the hit out on the babies, but the fear of God caused the women to disobey the Pharaoh and save the babies, somebody say “obey God before man”! Obedience is better than sacrifice! As a believer we need to be more worried about what God says about us rather than man, but we get so caught up in what our neighbors say about us, or how they feel and what they are going to think about us till we will disregard what God says over a man. Obeying God is what is going to get us to heaven and get us through the toughest times in our lives. God is faithful and he will take care of us and provide, but obedience to God is the key. Think about the devil and his hatred towards the male child, he deceived Eve who was the world’s first mother knowing that if he could get to her seed through her then he could affect everything man that would come from her, but he had to effect Adam which was to father the sinful and corrupted men of all earth. So when Adam ate of the fruit it affected the seed of man from within, understand that just because his seed was effected God can still get the glory out of the man through his what? His obedience and praise. What did Satan do to kill the praise? First he got into the heart of Cain with the spirit of disobedience to kill his obedient brother, because he was giving honor and glory to God by being obedient. Once that evil deed had been done it started a cycle in the male gender! Satan kills what he is afraid of; he knew that if Cain was obedient to God then both he and his brother Able would be a threat to him. Fast forward to the obedience of Mary and Joseph, when given instructions by God to prepare for the birth of Jesus, Satan was so scared of the ideal and thought of the son of God being born he tried to stop it by having all the babies 2 years and younger killed in hopes that he would kill Jesus, because he hates God so much. So now rewind back to this text, so here he is afraid on the Israelites and in fear of being overtaken by them, so he ordered to have the babies killed so that they can’t reproduce and eventually they would die off. The fear of God and the obedience to cause these women to disobey Pharaoh, if any of these people in this story or the other stories would have been disobedient to God instead of the King that ruled over them, then none of us would be here now. In closing I want to say once again that obedience is better than sacrifice, if the devil is attacking you and is trying to kill you or your seed then that means that he is scared of you, because the devil only kills what he is afraid of. Amen!

Daniel Evans

God Has Your Back

keep-calm-because-god-has-your-backWhen times get hard, and you seem to be on your last dime, God seems to always make a way. No matter where the money comes from it always seem to show up right on time. God loves you and he has your back. God wants the best for you. God does not want us to be homeless or without the necessities of life. If you make the effort he will always make sure that one of those doors that you have will open the door and let you in.

God has never left me nor forsaken me. I know there were times that I just wanted to die and not live anymore. I wanted life to end. I am here to tell you that it only rains for a little bit. When you come through that storm I promise you will be so much better. I am here to tell you. God carries everything that I do. He is my Alpha and Omega. I look at where my life came from there was no way I am suppose to be in the position that I am in. The scary thing is that God is not done with me yet!

Look over your life there were times when you felt you had nothing else to give. No reason to keep moving on. But God showed up and showed out. It does not matter the cards you were dealt. It is all on how you play those cards. Trust and believe in God and he will see you through. He always will.

Remember to Keep it GC,

Counselor Adrian

Top 5 Reason Your Church Service is too Long!

5. If people walk out of church early every Sunday then your services are too long.
4. If your church service is more than 2 and a half hour long, then you church service is too long.
3. If every Sunday your church service is 2 and a half hour long and your sermon is only 15 minutes, your church service is too long.
2. If Deacon Smith always has to remind the Pastor that he is running into the first NFL games of the day your service is too long.
For the top reason Why Your Church Service is to Long……………………………………………………………………..
1. If people are treating church service like a Club and showing up over an hour late and they feel like they did not miss anything, Your church service is too long!