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Save Our Children Innocence

ro2I was speaking to a group of youth and the topics that these 12-14 year old wanted to talk to me about was mind blowing. Not get into all of the specifics that we talked about, but I asked them where did they get this information from and they said, “Twitter and Facebook”. I am really starting to become concerned with the state of our youth. I look online at different sites and I am always seeing videos of kids fighting over Facebook and twitter “beef”, I personally do not think children should even be allowed on these sites. I personally don’t think that some adults should be able to use these sites as well, but I will save that for another day.

The problem is if a child has a problem with someone at school they get on these formats and express how much they dislike someone or how they would hurt them. Now everyone is reading this which put the other person in the position to have to defend their name of look like a punk or soft. We know how hard it was when we were growing up to walk away from a situation like this. Social Media makes it that much worse. There is nothing amusing to me seeing a video of our youth fight over the internet.

I look at some of my younger cousins pages in disguise because of what they are saying and putting out over the internet. I know that they are friends with adults that are talking crazy and reckless. You think they have a clue that once they put this out that information it is there for everyone to see! We have to let our kids be kids as long as we can.

Stop letting our kids get on these site I should not be seeing pictures of your daughter/son having sexual relations on here. If you are letting them have it at least watch who they are talking to and what they are saying. You should have their password on you. Check what they do. My mother would not let us lock the bedroom door if we did she would threaten to have my dad take it off the hinges. She comes right in even if we were changing even though we were so embarrassed she did not care. Never did. We did not pay any bills there and we were reminded about it as well LOL. Stop being friends with your kids and raise them. We are setting these kids up for failure. They do not know how to communicate with each other or adults. Time for change.

Remember to Keep it GC,

Counselor Adrian

How to Be a Gentleman: 12 Timeless Tips

So you want to be a gentleman but don’t know where to start. Being a gentleman isn’t a personality quirk. It’s not something you turn on and off like a switch. It’s a lifestyle. Although it’s a reputation that’s hit the endangered species list, like my Ghostbusters sweatshirt, I’m hopeful it will make a comeback.

Being a gentleman revolves around one word: respect. It’s respect for yourself, those you care about, and those you want to care about.

Here are 12 timeless tips on how to be a gentleman that will enhance your life, both personally and professionally:

1. Define Your Personal Style

When I hear “gentleman” I think suit, tie, polished shoes… and stuffy. Seriously, I just fell asleep thinking about it.

Luckily, the definition has evolved and isn’t attached to a certain look anymore – it’s all about attitude and how you carry yourself. Choose a personal style that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Don’t buy clothes you think you should, otherwise you may as well wear a sandwich board that says I have no idea who I am!

2. Keep Your Hygiene in Check

Put effort into your appearance. Keep yourself clean, showered, and groomed. Women do enjoy scruffy, but controlled scruffy – you don’t want your date asking where you hid your cardboard sign and paper cup.

In other words: don’t smell. And perhaps reserve the gnarly Davy Jones beard for the NHL playoffs.

3. Be a Grown-up

It’s now commonplace for potential employers to check out your social media profiles. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a woman who won’t do the same before dating you. Even if the pictures are from years ago and you’ve since cleaned up your act, they’re not going to see “now” you. They’re going to see “then” you, a.k.a. K-Fed hat and beer bong.

While you’re at it, set up a grown-up e-mail address. The sounds-dirty-but-isn’t e-mail account you’ve had since high school is the farthest thing from gentlemanly. Ever.

4. Keep Language PG-13

As someone who’s an unintentional potty mouth, I was alarmed to find out how many people are offended by swearing. I now do my best to keep the f-bombs at a minimum.

It’s obviously a huge no-no in professional settings, but trust me, when you constantly swear in your personal life, it becomes increasingly difficult to reel in the habit at work.

Consider this a top priority if you want to be a gentleman. Not only will expanding your vocabulary make you a better communicator, you’ll impress others across the board with your intelligence and professionalism.

5. Connect With People

Say hello as you’re walking past a stranger. Let someone go in front of you in the grocery line. Make eye contact. Be approachable. It’s one of the best ways to open yourself up to new people, experiences, and professional connections.

To be a gentleman while you’re out, always remember it’s all about them. Be a good listener. Ask questions. Take note of what’s important to them, and they’ll take note of you.

6. Find Your Purpose

Beyond a nice home and financial security, what do you want? What are you passionate about? What mark do you want to make? Define what you live for. Not only will you feel more fulfilled, it’ll lead to so much depth and substance your head will spin. Everything will feel that much brighter.

Don’t take my word for it: be a gentleman and find out for yourself.

7. Be Clear About What You Want

Not making a decision is a decision in itself, and it’s not a good one! If you want the respect of others, know what you want and what you don’t, and be clear about it. Knowing how to say no is one of the most well-respected things you can do for yourself.

You don’t want to be a wishy-washy person who constantly flakes on those you care about because you over-commit, and you certainly don’t want to be the guy with no opinion or backbone.

8. Hold the Door Open

Holding the door open for people is a gentleman’s calling card. It’s one of the most subtle yet powerful ways to show your consideration for others.

Game. Set. Match.

9. Keep Your Promises

A big part of being a gentleman is respecting others’ time and meaning what you say. If you say you’re going to meet someone at a specific time, don’t be late. When you tell someone you’re going to help them with something, help them. When you promise you’ll have a project done by a certain date, meet your deadline.

Not only will this build trust with those you care about, it will also help build self-trust, a crucial-yet-underrated form of trust when you’re a gentleman.

10. Return the Favor

It’s all about the little things, both at work and at home. If a co-worker helped you setup a killer presentation, help them with their annual report. If your girlfriend picked up groceries, carry them in for her. Always make sure you’re helping enhance the lives of those you care about.

11. Pick Up After Yourself

Keeping a tidy office, home, and car will leave a good impression on anyone you meet. It shows you take yourself seriously, and take pride in what you’ve worked hard for.

Fast forward ten years to when you’re living with your future wifey: if you build the habit now, you’ll be one of the few who aren’t nagged about leaving their socks on the floor! Win/win.

12. Be You

Nobody’s looking to hire or date a Ken doll. Our professional and personal lives are now fused together thanks to technology, so drop all that compartmentalizing and be authentic 24/7. Let your guard down and stop trying to look so glossy. Not to sound all hippy, but just be.

What’s ironic about the art of being yourself is what makes you unique is usually what makes you self-conscious. The flaws you find irritating are appealing and endearing to everyone else – they’re what set you apart and make you memorable. Would you rather be memorable or a cardboard cutout? That’s what I thought.

Being at ease with who you are is the sign of a true gentleman. Gentlemen don’t lie or mislead – they’re as comfortable with themselves as they want you to be. Being a gentleman never goes out of style – put these tips into practice and you’ll be well on your way to gentleman status.

by Krissy Brady in Communication, Lifestyle, Relationships
What do you think it takes to be a gentleman? Let us know in the comments!

My Weakness

weaknessAint nothing like music to set the mood…

I’m sittin here listenin to some tunes

My intensions… to think about you

It’s … just something that I do…

I can’t help myself

My thoughts, dreams, fantasies, you consume…

Reality… you allow me to escape from

Even when you’re sittin next to me

Now aint that somn’

I know … I know… I aint right

You talkin to meeee, I’m lookin you in the eyyyyeee

“Yeah … uhhu… okay…”

I’m nodding to show I’m listening

But you sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher

My mind is on last night…

Trying to find a way to repeat it tonight

Shawty… you lookin right

Excuse me if I bite

Shawty… you lookin ripe

Yes … even in that blouse I don’t like

In any garment you’re a beam of beautiful hues and light

Your smile, sexy and bright, a blessing to my sight

You elevate me…I just want to take you on a flight

Of emotions, thoughts, and feelings

You could probably never truly handle or comprehend

In my peripheral I can still spot a 10

I’m just one man with the thoughts of many men

Baby back, baby back, you got it

I could eat a plate full of them

But I’m God designed, I’m satisfied with just one rib

You’re the only one that can weaken me with just one kiss

I caint sing, but for you I will serenade with notes I caint hit

All I do is this, but I will move my two left feet to the right

And back again just to align with the rhythm of your hips

When your song comes on and you shout “that’s myyy isshhh!”

Yeahhh… I dip … when you dip

And regardless if we’re assisted by a couple of sips

I’m already intoxicated by the sheer bliss in our relationship

My apologies for a one track mind

In all seriousness it’s hard to be serious

I’m teen wolf all grown up

But the urge is still there and the moon is a full as your lips…

You’re my temptation… my weakness yet..

My greatest strength


(c) 20130617

A Minute

Within a minute of time
A baby takes its first steps, and pictures are taken
A little boy no longer wants to be like daddy
He’d rather be a superhero that saves the nation
Teenagers are peer pressured
And want to know what it’s like to inhale
What it’s like to turn up a bottle
What it’s like to be with opposite sex, unwatched and naked
A young adult finds out how hard reality is
And his or her own life….they take control of it…or take it

A homeless man makes a sign for food

For he doesn’t even have enough money

To make noise if he were to put it in a can and shake it
An elderly person’s body is aching
A college student skips a party for education
A master sergeant retires and finds a new source of inspiration

Within a minute of time a kid is picked on and beat up
Within that same minute an adult remembers

What that was like, and laughs about it
While he kicks his feet up

On his desk in his big corner office
Within a minute of time, a young girl is yelling at a man
Screaming at the top of her lungs…Stop It!
A young man is told by police to Drop It!
Within a minute of time
You and I read it in the papers, a young man was shot
By the police when he reached for his wallet

And in the next minute racial profiling is what the experts called it
Within a minute of time

Someone experiences happiness and acceptance
While another may feel disappointed and neglected
An OG takes a minute to think about the old days

For just a minute ago by some youngin’ he was disrespected

Within a minute of time
Somebody is born and somebody dies
Within a minute of time, one politician tells the truth

While another one lies

A soldier, for his or her country, sacrifices their life

An atheist finds Christ
A man and a woman find that their soul mates in life
While an elderly widow lays next to a picture frame

Just to get her through the night…

Within a minute of time …

The answer could be wrong or right

The situation could be pretty and nice or cold as ice

The time silent and peaceful

Or rushed as if one was about to miss their flight

Within in a minute… what happens…. Is life…
Darian-© 2006

Top 5 Male R&B Groups

There were a lot of male groups throughout the 90’s. It was arguably the best time for Male groups since the 60’s. I took a poll from a group of 8 people and this is what we came up with. I want you to think about all the groups back in that time and you tell me if you agree or disagree with my colleagues and me. The criteria are that the groups had to drop their first album in the 90’s.

dru hill
5. Dru Hill make it’s breakthrough in 1996 with their first single “Tell Me”, which was featured on the soundtrack to the Whoopi Goldberg film Eddie, and was a Top 5 R&B hit. All four members took turns singing lead, with Sisqó making the biggest impression on audiences with his dancing style, and bleached-blond hair. The Sisqó-led and the album’s second single, “In My Bed”, was the group’s first Top 5 pop hit and first #1 R&B hit. Jazz took the lead on the third single, “Never Make a Promise”, which became a second #1 R&B hit. The album’s fourth and final single, “5 Steps”, which the group wrote themselves, did great on the charts as well. Enter the Dru hit the ground running with its lead single “How Deep is Your Love” and “These are the Times” the album went double platinum. After that album the group seems to split up and get back together with Sisqo earning solo success it made it hard for the group to have the same chemistry.

jagged edge
4. Jagged Edge Jagged Edge began their mainstream recording career with the single “The Way That You Talk”. They followed this in 1998 with the album, A Jagged Era which managed to go gold featuring the singles “I Gotta Be” and “The Way That You Talk”. “I Gotta Be” which was written by the twins, reached #11 on the R&B charts and #23 on the Hot 100. Best known for the Albums J.E. Heartbreak and Jagged Little Thrill which both went Platinum Jagged Edge is known for their baby making classics.

3. Blackstreet released their first single in 1993, titled “Baby Be Mine”, featuring Joseph Stonestreet on lead, produced by Teddy Riley, and written by Teddy Riley and Joseph Stonestreet. However, Stonestreet left the group shortly after the single was released (due to personal issues) and was replaced by Dave Hollister. Their debut album, Blackstreet, was a platinum-selling success, featuring the singles “Booti Call”, “Before I Let You Go”, and “Joy”, two of which were Top 40 hits. The follow-up, 1996’s Another Level was a breakthrough success due to the top single “No Diggity” (with Dr. Dre), which was a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 1996, and won the 1998 Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, along with the Top 40 hit “Don’t Leave Me” which was a big hit in 1996. Another Level eventually went four times platinum in the United States and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard chart. “No Diggity” is ranked at No. 91 on Rolling Stone and MTV: 100 Greatest Pop Songs.

2. Jodeci know for their rough hip hop image and sexual lyrics consists of two pairs of brothers from Hampton, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina: Cedric & Joel Hailey and Donald & Dalvin DeGrate, all respectively known by their stage names: K-Ci & JoJo, DeVante Swing and Mr. Dalvin. The group’s name is a combination of the names from all four members: Jo-Jo, DeGrate, and K-Ci.released their debut album Forever My Lady in 1991 and topped the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The album produced five singles, three of which topped the US R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: “Forever My Lady”, “Stay”, and “Come and Talk to Me”, The Album went triple-platinum. In 1993, the group released its second studio album, Diary of a Mad Band, which peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 and number one on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. The album received a double-platinum certification by the RIAA, and spawned three singles: “Cry for You”, “Feenin'”, and “What About Us”. The Show, the After Party, the Hotel (1995) was the group’s third, as well as most successful, album. It peaked at number two on the Billboard 200, and number one on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and was certified platinum by the RIAA. It was Jodeci’s only album to chart outside of the United States, peaking at number four on the UK Albums Chart and appearing on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart and the Dutch Mega Album Top 100. The Show, the After Party, the Hotel produced three singles, including “Freek’n You”, which charted within the top 15 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, and was certified gold by the RIAA.The single also charted on the Australian and Dutch Singles Chart. Even through the group has not dropped since 1995 there music is still highly request. People would love to see this group back together but it probably will never happen at this point. I guess we could always dream.

1. Boyz II Men first album, Cooleyhighharmony, was released on Motown in 1991 and was produced by Michael Bivins. Boyz II Men’s first single, the Dallas Austin-produced “Motownphilly” featured a rap cameo by Michael Bivins that gives the story of how he met Boyz II Men. The second single was an a capella cover of a classic Motown tune, G.C. Cameron’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” from the 1975 film Cooley High, while “Uhh Ahh” served as the third single. Cooleyhighharmony achieved major success, eventually selling over nine million copies and winning the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 1992 Grammy Awards. After releasing a Christmas compilation, Christmas Interpretations in 1993, Boyz II Men returned to the studio for their highly anticipated sophomore effort. In 1994, II was released. II sold more than 12 million copies in the United States alone, becoming one of the best-selling albums ever released by an R&B group act, and one of the biggest albums of the decade. Boyz II Men finished with 9 Top-Ten singles and 4 Grammy Awards. Boyz II Men is one of the most successful Male R&B groups of all time.


Counselor Adrian

New Author Leslie Saint-Julien

Adrian: Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Leslie: Well, my name is Leslie Saint-Julien. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My parents emigrated to the U.S. from Haiti, so I am half Haitian and American. I have one older sister who I look up to dearly. I am happily single and do not have any children yet. I am extremely proud of where I am from and of my cultural roots. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love to “rep my city” and “my island”! I currently reside in Maryland where I went to college and this is also the state where my faith has grown. So, I now “rep my alma mater” the University of Maryland! Go Terps! –And, I “rep Jesus Christ”! I am an extreme extrovert in spirit yet also extremely introverted and private at heart. What I mean by that, is, I deeply desire to connect with all people and it is my natural spirit that allows me to do so, yet my heart is extremely reserved and I do not always know how to handle much attention. So, I choose to be private most of the time. I’ve been secretly working on my book for six years. It took a long time for me to decide to let the world in on my most personal thoughts. I take so much pride in everything I do, from the most miniscule project to the most grandeurs work. I am a perfectionist, so I take time and extra care to complete things. I have a deep passion to lead young people into a positive direction. I remember being young and it was the best time of my life. I want to help shape the lives of young people in a way that will be unforgettable to them! You only get one chance to be young and many of the youth today are not able to have the same opportunities. My hope is to open my doors to inner city youth to create a space for them to grow and enjoy the best moments of their lives.

Adrian: What is the title of your book?

Leslie: The title of my book is called More Than Me: A Compilation of Poetry, Thoughts and Songs. It is titled such because I cannot take credit for the gifts that are released in this book. It is more than me that writes these pages, it is and must be God.

Adrian: What is your book about?

Leslie: My book is a collection of writings about the experiences I have endured in my love relationships, encounters that left lasting impressions on my heart, and I express my deep beliefs on life and my love for God and my relationship with Him. You will learn of the pride of my cultural roots and of the love I have for those dear to me. Overall, this is a collection of poetic thoughts painted in rhythmic tones filled with emotion and courage.

Adrian: What inspired you to write your book?

Leslie: I have been writing music and poetry since I was 12 years old. I have always written my inspirations down in so many places, from notebooks, shoe box lids, paper bags, loose pieces of paper, on my computer and where eve I can write. I continued this way all the way through college and ended up losing many of my greatest pieces. In 2007, I decided I wanted to preserve my work and have a documented legacy to leave behind for my family and for my future children. Writing is the most personal time I spend with myself and where I have the most confidence. Confidence is not something I display daily. Writing is also a way for me to respond to the many events that I endure in life and situations that I encounter. My poetry is therapeutic for me and helps me to release my emotions. I felt like it was time for me to finally be outwardly confident in the most profound way to help me with my own esteem and help inspire others around me to follow their heart and be confident in life as well. God spoke to me, and told me it was time. So I started to gather my writings and plan for the book in October of 2007.

Adrian: What do you want to accomplish with your book?

Leslie: I hope to touch the hearts of people.

Adrian: What else do you have going on beside the book?

Leslie: Besides the book, I am building a house for young people ages pre-teen to teen where they can visit daily and gain emotional support as they journey through life. This house will be a true home and I hope that young people will come to learn how to maintain high self-esteem and be encouraged to follow their dreams. I want to teach children to be great, because they are! I want young people to strive for the best and expect nothing less. If you have high hopes, you can achieve great things.

Adrian: Is this a nonprofit organization?

Leslie: Yes, my house for youth will be established as a non-profit entity.

Adrian: Will you be writing another book?

Leslie: I have already begun writing my second book! I am being compelled to do so. It will be a book of fiction. I hope to have it written before the end of this year. What I want readers to take away from my writings is to recognize my emotional strength and courage. Hopefully, my writings will help people cope with their emotional challenges in life.

Adrian: Is there anything else that you are involved in?

Leslie: I have a full plate right now with work and school work as I complete my M.B.A. and continue my law school pursuit. God has also placed it on my heart to seek a Master of Divinity in Theological Studies. So, I will be involved in school for a while! Simultaneously, I will continue to be available for motivational speaking engagements and women’s empowerment seminars. I participate in local events that support women’s health, women’s empowerment, youth empowerment, and spiritual health. I am a member of Ebenezer A.M.E. in Ft. Washington, MD.

Adrian: Everyone go and get that book! I just want thank you for your time and Remember to Always Keep It GC!

Dr. Janice Armstrong

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Janice Armstrong (Dr. Jai) to discuss her life as a wife, mother, author (From the Street to the Executive Suite) and business woman and how she is able to balance so many work hats.

Adrian: Good Evening Dr. Jai it is a pleasure having you on the call.

Dr. Jai: Thank you for having me. It is my pleasure.

Adrian: Let’s jump right into it. Please tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

Dr. Jai: My name is Dr. Janice Armstrong. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. (Go Ravens!) I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland. I eventually moved to the Largo, MD area and basically, I have been staying in the DMV. I am currently a Program Analyst in Washington D.C. and a part-time professor at Prince George Community College. That is my work life; in my personal life I am married to my husband Jay, we have two children a boy Jason and a girl Jaden.

Adrian: Man, sounds like you are a busy woman. How do you balance your work life and your family life?

Dr. Jai: Well it started back when I was in undergrad. I was so actively involved with everything (residence assistant program, Delta Sigma Theta, SGA, etc…) I would not say I had a nervous breakdown but I remember being dead tired. I really could not function, so my Dr. told me to stay home because I was totally exhausted. I told myself that I would never do that again. I started scheduling everything that I did. Especially my leisure time, because I saw it getting less and less. When I went for my masters and my doctrine I did not do school work on the weekends. That was my family time. So I made sure to make them a priority first, and then scheduled everything else around them. Now that I am done with school I do not have to worry about that. My family always came first.

Adrian: That is great! I am taking notes. (Laughing) Now, does your husband understand your schedule?

Dr. Jai: He is very understanding of my schedule. He is 100% for everything that I am doing. It is a blessing to have that as well. He tells me to “stay on my grind!” We met when I was pursuing my master’s degree, so he’s seen me trying to progress in my career. So when I have questions, he is always there for me or if I just need a shoulder to cry on, he is always there. (Laughing)

Adrian: How did you and your husband met?

Dr. Jai: Believe it or not we met online. Woohoo! Black Planet.

Adrian: Ok I have to stop you right there, Black Planet? I remember black planet I did not think that would have been a place to meet a nice man/woman. So you have to give us the story behind this one.

Dr. Jai: We met in 2000 on Black Planet. I sent him a message telling him I liked his picture. I thought he had a very distinguished look. He was suited up, so I thought that was very cool. So we chatted back and forth over a few months. Next thing you know he asked me out on a date to see a gospel group that he was managing.; I said cool and we have been joined at the hip ever since. We have been together for 12 years and married for 10 years.

Adrian: I have never heard of someone finding their mate on Black Planet. I guess you can find love anywhere.

Dr. Jai: Actually there are a few of us. (Laughing)

Adrian: Woooww the interview is over; there is no need for any more questions. (Laughing) Ok I’m back, what is most important to you in a relationship?

Dr. Jai: Trust, Honesty and friendship. I think people should remember how they meet and remain friends. Don’t ever loose that. I think that after people get married they have a false sense of what marriage is supposed to be like. Of course you should be more in love as the relationship grows but everything is based on that bond of friendship that you have built. That is what will keep your relationship going.

Adrian: I love hearing that. Anytime I can get advice about that next step, I am always taking in that information. I know I only want to do it once when I decide to do it. Now let’s get to this book that you wrote, From the Street to the Executive Suite. How did you come up with it?

Dr. Jai: It actually started with my doctoral project. I have an applied degree; so we had to show the concept would work in the community, corporate world, etc… Since I teach psychology I always wanted to be relatable to my students. Let’s be honest unless you are really in psychology, it could be very boring. So when I started writing this book about leadership, me being a city girl, I felt like people in the inner city were not being reached on the subject of leadership.

Adrian: What is your target audience that you are trying to reach?

Dr. Jai: It is for all ages. I am taking my life experiences and breaking them down in laymen terms; so whether you are 15 or 51, this book is for you. I have teenagers that have the book and I have executives that have the book.

Adrian: How long did it take you to write the book?

Dr. Jai: The book started back in 2009 when I started my graduate program but I did the bulk of the work was from April 2012-July 2012. So about 4 months.

Adrian: I wish I could say the same thing. (Laughing) Now where can people purchase your book?

Dr. Jai: It is available on Amazon.com, LuLu.com, itunes bookstore, and Barnes and Noble.com, however if they would like an autographed copy they should go to my website LiHkleaders.com

Adrian: Ok, tell us a little bit about your website?

Dr. Jai: I am a certified leadership coach. I provide services to help build people their career. I help them set goals for their lives. I become their cheerleader in a sense. My book serves as a guide because at the end of every chapter there is a worksheet. It helps you plan out your goals and each chapter helps you achieve those goals. At the end of the book there is a template for a full action plan and you can make it a living document. You can also start over once new goals enter in your life. So, for the people that need more one on one sessions; I provide them with my service to help them achieve the goals that they want. I am not a counselor; I am a coach here to keep you stay motivated and ready to tackle your goals. You are solving a problem but not to the point you are researching and analyzing. I do leadership, executive, life and career, and collegiate success coaching.

Adrian: I really think there is a reason that we met each other. Last question, do you have advice for young men/women trying to do the same thing; write a book and balance family/work life?

Dr. Jai: Be willing to take your time. Do not rush it because you want be sure that you do not waste your time. Live in the moment and take your time. Refine your skills. Make sure that is what you are supposed to do. I did not think I had a book in me. I am a trainer by trade, so I was thinking maybe I should create a curriculum. Then I realized there was a tool that I could provide not only for the corporate world but also the community; I realized I could write a book. When you decide what you want to do, don’t try to be the best just try to be better than the day before. In time, your craft will get better with practice.

Adrian: I really need to listen to those words. Rome was not built in one night! Is there anything else that you want to add?

Dr. Jai: I want to congratulate you on your book. I am very proud of what you are doing. I think it is very necessary especially in generation Y. I think you are leading an effort in young men and also encouraging young women on relationships and how you interact early. So before they get into that life long relationship, you are showing them how to build that foundation. So I want to thank you for actually putting that out there, to your generation.

Adrian: Wow thank you for those encouraging words. I will continue to be led by God with everything that I am doing. I want everyone to support Dr. Jai, follow her on Facebook Janice A. Armstrong. Go out and get her book, I know you will enjoy it. This lady is doing great things.

Remember to Always Keep it GC

It’s Already Written

BookCoverPreviewSometimes things happen in our lives that we do not understand. God broke me all the way down so that he could get my attention. No matter how much He put in my path and in my face; I just never seemed to listen to Him and follow the path He wanted me to go. Everything that I went through was not in vain. God told me that I had a story to share with people. I never listened to Him; I would put the book off and say I will get to it. Well, I finally listened and now I am ready to present it to the world April 30, 2013; you will be able to get my book Its Already Written on createspace.com, Amazon.com, download it to your Kindle, and I will have books for sale if you are in the DC area. I will have special group discounts, and I’ll be doing a Q&A session with different groups. Words cannot explain how I feel about sharing my story with everyone. There are so many emotions going through my mind. I hope I continue to represent my family, friends, and home team to the best of my abilities. Now I can finally put Author in front of my name!

Remember to Keep It GC,

Author Adrian Taylor