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Take God Off the Clock

This is a very familiar passage of scriptures here! We have two things happening here that I want to talk about, cause and effect. Jesus was hungry, he saw a fig tree and expected to receive fruit and there was none, being disappointed he cursed the tree and the tree died. Now before we go further we need to first understand who Jesus is and where he came from. Jesus is the son of God and he came to the world to preach the kingdom, and concepts in the kingdom are different than they are in the world. He also knew he was where he came and where he was going, he also had seen it all before and had his father to model it. When we look at Jesus we have to understand that Jesus did not come from here, but from the kingdom which knew no time. The kingdom of God is an everlasting kingdom according to Psalms 145:13 so we see that the kingdom of God does not deal with time and it exist before, during, and after time. People understand and operate according to how they were taught and or raised, so understand his attitude towards the tree. He stepped out of the kingdom where there was no time into a world that is very limited by time, and having understood what his restrictions were in the world, he still operated with a kingdom mindset. When you understand the kingdom of God is uninfluenced by time it makes sense for him to see a fig tree from afar off and seeing leaves for him to expect to receive fruit as well even though it was not the season for figs. We being from earth we understand time and seasons for what they are and we know that fruit comes in seasons so we don’t expect fruit if it is not the season for it, but Jesus cursed the tree for not having fruit because in the kingdom there is always fruit all the time. Now we understand the process of time as it relates to us and that by him cursing to tree then over time the tree would die, but because Jesus is not affected by or deals with time , the very next day when Peter saw the tree he noticed that it had withered and died in a day’s time. So what would have taken hundreds and thousands of years to happen happened the very next day, because in Psalms 1 it tells us that your leaves shall not wither and whatever you do shall prosper, so in the kingdom there is no such thing as a bad day. Now Jesus turned and told Peter to have faith in God, he told him that because whatever God says will come to pass, we know that faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God, so when he spoke to the tree which did not appear to have ears it had to obey the word of God. Your faith has to be in what God has said and not the time you feel should be allowed or the way you think it should happen or how it should happen. As Christians the greatest challenge to our faith is time, because the longer you wait on the promises of God the more opportunity the enemy has to speak to your mind, and began talking you against the promises. Time will cause your faith to waiver if your faith is wrapped up in your emotions, and locked into a timeframe you will have a hard time accepting the things of God and believing what he says all because you have put God on the clock. You already won’t serve God with or give God the time that he has given you, God Lords over time, so he has the power to suspend time and then the power to fast forward time. We have to learn how to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we are not conformed to time but operating with a kingdom mindset. When you pray for things God hears you and he drops it in your tomorrow instantly with no time restrictions, but because we put a time line on it, it always seems to take too long to receive it, so we get arrogant and accuse God and other people of lying just because it didn’t happen in a timeframe and we stop believing in blessing so we stop asking God to move on our behalf. Consider this if 1,000 years is as of a day to God then our 3,6,10 years of you so called waiting on God is a fragment of a sec to God, God has not forgotten about you, you just have to take God off the clock and operate with a kingdom mindset and walk in what you ask God for and receive it in your spirit so that it can manifest in the natural. In closing! Your praise monitors your faith, faith comes by hearing so when God speaks to you and you hear a word from him just respond in praise and see it manifest in your life. When you don’t see God’s promises through the eyes of the kingdom and you look at it through the eyes of time you get frustrated, disconnected, and your faith waivers, just take God off the clock!

Daniel Evans

Keep Your Friend Close and Your Enemies Closer

I have been hearing this quote my entire life and it is garbage. I do not agree with this statement at all. I think you should keep your enemies close and your friends closer. You know where your enemies stand; so you are not surprised by anything that they do. Now your friends they are the one that are plotting secretly against you and your dreams (so called friends). I’ve never been discouraged by a hater but my closest people have been able to make me feel like I’m less of a man or my dreams couldn’t ever become a reality. Haters motivate! You love your friends and you believe in the things that they are telling you.
Sometimes your friends do not have your best interest at heart. You have to understand which friends’ love you even understand your flaws. Now sometimes we can come to our friends with an off the wall idea that makes no since. Then you have to understand hate and a reality check. Let not get that twisted but we do have friends that are just negative and always downing our hopes and dreams. Get rid of them. They are no good for you. But first talk to them let them know that you do not feel like they are not being a great friend and also the key thing is you need to let them know why. The last thing that you want to do is lose a good friend but if they aren’t being much of a friend then you need to let them go. Some people are in your life for a season.

Remember to Keep It GC,
Adrian “GC Smooth” Taylor

Built for a Purpose

God will always answer the call of his people when they cry out to him, now in this passage of scriptures we see that in the last chapter the Israelites cried out to God from being afflicted by the Pharoah, and now we have god answer and response to this cry. God can do anything that he wants in this earth please understand, but God chosen to limit himself in the form of man. So anytime there is a problem god answers through a man, which brings us to where we are now in this text. Remember that God does everything in seed form, so the answer to this cry has to come in the form of a man but through a baby first that will grow into the man that he needs. Since the King was threatening by the Israelites he ordered to have all the male children killed, this now also included Moses. God will always put person in place to see to it that his plan is properly put into place, so Moses mother in fear that he would be killed his him for three months, and when she felt that she could hide him no longer she took him and put him in the Nile river in hopes of saving his life. Understand that what the devil means for your harm god will mean it for your Good! So while the Pharoah is out to kill all male children and guess who god put in position to save the life of Moses by drawing him out of the River? None other than Pharoah daughter! So the very same man who is trying to kill the promised of God, God is preparing him to be part of the family. Moses was built for a purpose and that purpose was to bring gods people out of Egypt. So here it is Pharoah daughter takes Moses and raises him as her own son because she was led by the spirit of the Lord and she had compassion on the baby so instead of him being killed by Pharoah, he is now in the family and in line to be Pharoah replacement if any of the other sons was to die. The same man that Pharoah set out to kill is actually built for a purpose which is to free his people. When you are built for a purpose Satan will try to destroy, but God will always prepare someone to save his Plan! A lot of us are being attacked by the devil only because we are built for a purpose and if the devil lets us grow into what we were built to do then he would have failed, so he fights with our minds constantly making us think they are inadequate to do the job or fulfill the purpose that he has called us for. As a baby Moses is not the finished product of what he will become, but by the devil constantly trying to devour the young children Moses purpose in life is in jeopardy of not being fulfilled, it takes the faithfulness and obedience of a few in order to pull him out of the River, nurse him and raise him as their own in order for Moses to grow into what God has purposed in his life. When God has a purpose in your life he will not allow anything to get in the way of what he is doing. A man’s life is a waste of he walks the earth and never comes into his own, you can’t live a fulfilling life if you don’t know what you are purposed to do. The grave yard is full of dead bodies that used to possess a talent or even the answer to one of life’s problems that may or may not have been fulfilled. One thing I know about God is that he is a business man and just like every business was man he wants a return on his investment. God would not dare to pull you out of the fire and the dungeon, just to turn you over to the devil, that devil is a list. So think about who you are and what you are and think back over your life and think of all the hell and hot water that you have cause for yourself and think of all things that God has brought you to through. If God wanted you gone then he would have let Pookie and them have you a long time ago, he would have let the jail, or the drugs or the abuse have you, he would have let the devil kill you at birth. What kind of father would save his child from a car wreck just to let them drown in a Pool? God knows you in fact the Bible declares that even before you were in your mother’s womb he had already planned your life and gave you a purpose. What is your purpose in life? What is it that God has been calling you to from the Birth? What has god save you from over and over again? What is he saving you for? Why is he saving you? Are you worth being drawn out of the Water? Are you worth him investing into? Can he depend on you to take your place and save a nation full of lost People? How long will you run from your calling? Will your talent go to Waste? Will you finally fulfill your purpose in Life? You need to stop running because you are built for a Purpose!

Daniel Evans

1 in 10 Adolescents Confess to Sexual Violence

Laura Berman, PhD
An alarming new study has found high incidents of sexual assault among young people.

When it comes to rape and acts of sexual violence, we tend to picture armed rapists hiding in the shadows. We assume that people who commit sexual assault are often on the fringes of society, the type of perpetrators who wait in darkened parking lots or who break into homes in the middle of the night.

Of course, the reality is that rape often doesn’t look like what we see in the movies. And neither do rapists. Rapists aren’t the stereotypical bad guy lurking on street corners. They are people we know and trust. Although it’s frightening to think about, it’s important to realize that rape can come in many forms—it can be forced sexual contact after an otherwise pleasant date, it can be forced intercourse between a husband and a wife, it can be a night of drinking followed by someone taking advantage of your vulnerable state.

And, now a new study published by JAMA Pediatrics has found that rapists tend to begin their violent behavior as early as their teenage years. Researchers from Center for Innovative Public Health Research and the University of New Hampshire found that 1 in 10 youths admit to committing sexual violence. This included everything from rape to attempted rape to kissing, touching, or otherwise committing sexual acts when they knew the other person did not want to do so. Most of this behavior began as early as 15 or 16 years old.

The results of this study are quite disturbing and frightening. What can account for this high level of sexual violence in our society and how can we better protect our children?

While the study found a small association between watching violent X-rated media and crimes of sexual violence, the truth is that that our entire society plays a role in our young people’s sexual behavior. We live in a rape culture, in a world which makes rape and sexual violence the victim’s problem rather than the criminal’s problem. We degrade and dehumanize women and girls with words like “slut” and “whore” and we simultaneously make it okay for certain women to be abused sexually. After all, they were asking for it. We ask questions like: Well, why was she out so late? Why did she have so much to drink? Why was she wearing such a short skirt? If she didn’t want to go all the way, why did she get in the car with him?

In an attempt to stop rape, we try to teach people (usually girls and women) how not become victims, such as by encouraging them not to walk alone and not to dress or act a certain way. However, in doing so, we are tackling the problem from the completely wrong end. We don’t need to be teaching rape victims how not to be raped. We need to be teaching young people how not to rape—how to look for enthusiastic consent, how to listen to the word “no,” how not to coerce, pressure, or otherwise manipulate someone into sex against their will. We need to be instilling healthy sexual behavior and encouraging young people to learn how to communicate about safety, consent, and mutual respect in the bedroom. We also need to end misogynist language and ideology that serves to shame women for their bodies and their sexuality.

In order to end sexual violence, we need to end the systems that allow for sexual violence to occur in the first place. That means ending the silence and the fear that many rape victims feel, and that means holding rapists 100% accountable for their actions. Young people need to learn that a drunk or high person can’t give consent, and that coercing a partner and saying things “Come on, if you loved me, you would let me” and “No one will know,” isn’t just manipulation. It’s rape. No means no. And, for that matter, consent isn’t just the absence of a no. Consent is an enthusiastic yes, and learning how to look for that consent needs to be one of the first lessons we teach young people when it comes to sexual education.

Breast Cancer Awareness

There are a number of important facts we should all be aware of concerning breast cancer. I want to take this opportunity to clear up a few misconceptions and help women protect themselves from this disease.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer, other than skin cancer, among American women, and the second-leading cause of cancer death (exceeded only by lung cancer). It is estimated that 235,000 women and men will be diagnosed with the disease in 2013 and about 40,000 will die. Approximately 2,200 of those diagnosed and 400 of those dying will be men.

The median age at diagnosis of a breast cancer patient is 61. Less than 20 percent are diagnosed before age 50. Indeed, age is the second strongest risk factor after female gender.

There has been progress in the fight against breast cancer. The age-adjusted death rate has decline 34 percent in the past 25 years. This means a woman of a given age is two-thirds as likely to die of breast cancer today compared to a woman of the same age 25 years ago.

Second, the reasons for the decline in mortality are, in order:

Improvements in treatment
Increased breast awareness
Mammography screenings

The Critical Need for Better Treatment

Many mistakenly believe mammography is the major reason for the decline. In the past, some advertisements and public health announcements have stressed mammography and not put enough emphasis on breast cancer awareness or on getting good treatment if diagnosed. Patterns of care studies show that we could save more lives by placing more emphasis on getting good treatment. Perhaps 20 percent of American women with treatable breast cancer get incomplete treatment. Less-than-optimal breast cancer treatment is the leading reason for racial and socioeconomic disparities in this disease.

In an effort to help women understand what is necessary to get good care, the American Cancer Society recently published the third edition of its book, Breast Cancer Journey, The Essential Guide to Treatment and Recovery. This guides newly diagnosed patients every step of the way through diagnosis and treatment.

Day-to-Day Awareness of Your Breasts and Breast Health

We should not underestimate the power of breast awareness. It is simply encouraging women to be aware of their bodies on a day-to-day basis while dressing or in the shower, and seeking evaluation of any change that they notice. The monthly breast self-examination is no longer advocated and has been replaced by breast awareness.

The Role of Mammograms

While it is not the leading reason for the decline in mortality, high-quality mammographic screening is important. All medical organizations stress the importance of regular mammography and clinical breast examination from age 50 onward. The American Cancer Society and several other organizations suggest annual screening start at age 40.

All medical organizations that issue screening guidelines also say that women should be informed of the limitations of mammography. It will find some lesions that turn out to be benign after an extensive and sometimes time-consuming evaluation. High-quality mammography will sometimes miss a cancer that we wish it had found. This information will allay some fears among those with a positive finding and help keep those who have had false positive findings continue to adhere to guidelines.

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Recently, there has been increased interest in genetic testing for breast cancer risk.

About 1 percent of the population has a genetic alteration or mutation that puts them at higher risk for breast cancer. Mutations can be found in a number of genes (BRCA1, BRCA2, TP53, PTEN, CHEK2 and others). Approximately 5 percent of women with breast cancer have it due to a genetic mutation.

Approximately 15 percent of women diagnosed with a breast cancer have a family history of the disease. Most with a family history do not have a genetic mutation that increases risk.

More than 80 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease.

The only people who should undergo genetic testing are those with an extensive family history of breast and other cancers, and then only after consultation with a qualified genetic counselor. Some have demanded and gotten testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 when a brief conversation with a genetic counselor would have determined they should be tested for another gene or not tested at all.

Visit the American Cancer Society’s site for more information about breast cancer.

Feed My Sheep Food Drive by Adrian Taylor and GC


Feed My Sheep is a non-judgmental, faith based program dedicated to providing nourishment to the homeless, homebound and needy of the Gulfport area.

Even though there is no “structured religious element” of the Feed My Sheep program, the Christian Spirit is alive and well in everything that we do. When Jesus instructed his disciples to “…feed my sheep,” He not only meant physical nourishment, but also spiritual nourishment.

Please support Feed My Sheep for more info go to www.feedmysheep.gulfport.org

Should There Be a Time Limit on Public Assistance? (Audio Discussion)

publicThis is a very touchy subject. I want you to listen to our round table discussion about Public Assistance and if there should be a time limit on it? Click on the link below. Also leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are?
Should There be a time limit on Public Assistance?

Counselor Adrian

Slavery or Not

Is music part of a modern day slave trade that started over 500 years ago? Let’s think about it for a moment. Perhaps the most popular but destructive genre of music is what society calls hip-hop or rap. If we look at what took place during slave trade of Africans, we see that some individuals were giving up or trading their own people for money or some type of goods. Is that not the same thing that taking place today? Are not our own people (rappers) trading our people for money and goods?
Those that are doing so are sure to say no I’m just making music and providing for their family. “It’s entertainment.” My question is why are the lyrics influencing our people to be so simple minded that all they can see is money, cars, clothes, drugs, sex and violence. Is the media not controlled by those, who 500 years ago would be considered consumers of slave?
The mechanism of today’s slavery is not to have them do for you, but to prevent them from being able to do for themselves. Just think, our own people selling us for pennies and fame and too ignorant and or selfish to know or care.
Rap music is not a genre that needs to be eradicated. There are many artist that express positive messages but that is not what the media cares to present to our people. It’s not all about the money I believe. What’s a few dollars if one feels they can keep a people oppressed by their own people by funding their destruction through this type of music? Why not push the more positive messages? What, because it doesn’t bring in revenue. Yes, I do agree that a positive message is not as popular as the negative messages. How could it be, when it’s never given the opportunity to make an impression on the potential listeners?
Think about it! Does a new product in the store become popular if it’s not advertised as much as the old ones? The old product may be common to shoppers and seem like it’s the best thing, but the truth about the product continues to be ignored. No, not because people don’t want to know the truth, but because someone or some people will miss out (profits). So, when the new product hits the shelf and the advertisement starts by the media and those who have purchased it, it becomes increasingly popular.
Now, with this new product on the shelf and consumption of it is increasing, it now exposes the truth about the old product. People are no longer forced to accept it because it’s the only thing available or being offered. Just as in some areas people are forced to drink the same water they bath and do all types of other things in because it’s the only water they have. The old product will still have its buyers simply because some people are more reluctant to change than others and some just simply refuse to receive the truth. As the healthier product’s popularity grows the health of the people will continue to grow causing an overall healthier people. So let’s ask ourselves do we want a healthier society or do we feel that everything is good the way it is because one’s self is not affected by it.

Eric Childres