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    • Successfully Rooted (2)

      Have you ever asked yourself the question, why do people seem to become more and more successful? And why others seem to never be able to take another step forward? Is it the fact that they work harder than you do? Do they work smarter than you do? Or is

      Successfully Rooted

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    Mike Brown Lessons Learned

    Mike Brown Lessons Learned (0)

    The people, who know me, know how I feel about the Mike Brown situation; it is more of a class issue than a race issue (if you want to know

    Michael Brown Let You Down by dex digital (0)

    Face it, blacks. Michael Brown let you down. So instead, can someone just shoot Jesus Christ already? For a moment there, things were looking pretty good. A boy shot multiple

    Stephen A. Smith Comments

    Stephen A. Smith Comments (1)

    I listen to Steven A. Smith comments today and I am not sure what the up roar is all about. I did not find anything that he said terrible. He

    10 Habits Of Happy Couples

    10 Habits Of Happy Couples (0)

    Dr. Mark Goulston is psychiatrist, international speaker, and best selling author of books such as Just

    Society Tells Us A Relationship………..

    Society Tells Us A Relationship……….. (0)

    I have a hard time dealing with what society tells us is the correct way to

    It’s Not Me

    It’s Not Me (0)

    Have you ever been doing things that were wrong and not having no feelings of what

    WOW! Life is Short (0)

    This has to be the hardest thing a child would ever have to do. If you

    Father’s Day

    Father’s Day (0)

    Here comes Father’s day. The day intended to acknowledge fathers and father like figures in a

    Men by Maya Angelou

    Men by Maya Angelou (0)

    When I was young, I used to Watch behind the curtains As men walked up and